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Mercedes-Benz’s vision for commercial transport at the NEC

Those of you who will be attending the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC on the 12th and the 14th should check out Mercedes-Benz’s display showcasing their idea of the future of commercial transport. The company’s message is that “saving the planet need not cost the Earth,” clearly signifying its dedication to producing cleaner and more environmentally-friendly commercial vans and trucks for the future. To give you a taste of things to come at the show, the Vito E-CELL, the world’s first ever battery-powered van to be mass-produced in one of Mercedes-Benz’s mainstream manufacturing plants, will be up for display in two forms—completely built up from top to bottom and… Continue Reading »


SLS AMG E-Cell Set for 2013 Release

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that its all-electric supercar, the SLS AMG E-Cell, is going to be ready at dealerships waiting to be purchased by wealthy, environment-friendly connoisseurs sometime in 2013. No details have been revealed about pricing and exact dates, but the confirmation that the SLS AMG will legitimately be sold at dealerships should be enough for now. The 525 hp vehicle is powered by four rear-mounted electric motors, and it will require a mere 3.9 seconds to go from 0 to 62 mph. That’s quite a good figure considering the gasoline SLS AMG takes just a shade faster to accomplish the same feat. A number of revisions were made to… Continue Reading »


The new A-Class to feature E-CELL technology

After the company’s success with the B-Class F-CELL with its fuel cell technology, the company of SLS AMG fame now brings forth the A-Class E-CELL as the second electric car to be placed under full production. Why compare the B-Class E-CELL with the SLS AMG? Simple—the SLS AMG has its own E-CELL variant. Thus, our mentioning of the Gullwing supercar. The new five-seater’s electric motor will be powered by batteries, fulfilling the vehicle’s requirements for family use on a day-to-day basis. The new A-Class will be based on the current five-door platform, and will showcase generous enhancements to both its interior and exterior dimensions, as well as the luggage compartment… Continue Reading »


Fast Forward to Tomorrow campaign kicks off

Mercedes-Benz launches yet another company, this time focusing on the company’s achievements in its bid for zero emissions. Running under the slogan “Fast forward to tomorrow”, the company seeks to show through all media channels—TV, online specials and ads—how far they’ve come in achieving their goals. BlueEFFICIENCY, which later developed into various versions such as BlueTEC for diesel engines and BlueDIRECT for petrol engines, is just one of the company’s groundbreaking innovations. These were soon followed by the E-CELL electric drive and F-Cell fuel cell technologies, both of which have reached full production status. Mercedes-Benz is working hard to further develop these technologies to better meet the stricter emissions demands… Continue Reading »


Vito Gets E-CELL Version

You thought Mercedes-Benz’s only interested in selling the battery-powered version of the SLS AMG, didn’t you? Well, that ain’t right. Especially now that the company has just revealed that they’re making an electric version of their Vito van as well, and appropriately calls it the Vito E-CELL. Ring a bell? Well, it ain’t as sophisticated nor frighteningly fast as its super car sibling, the SLS AMG E-CELL, but it does offer the quite same line of benefits—zero emission and independence from a petroleum source for fuel. Due to hit dealer stores next year, Mercedes-Benz decided to upgrade the Vito’s exterior to be worthy of the electric powertrain. A single 70kW… Continue Reading »


Silent glider: The SLS AMG E-Cell prototype in action

Here’s a real treat for you guys. We already gave you a peek at a prototype of the SLS AMG E-Cell. Now, here’s a video that shows it doing what it does best—driving ever so gracefully—courtesy of German magazine Bild who were able to get their hands on the all-electric super car. No, folks—Bild doesn’t translate as ‘envy’ in the English language—although that’s a natural reaction especially if you’re dying and drooling to get down and dirty with Mercedes-Benz’s supercar, much more an electric version of it. Anyway, it’s an advantage if you’re fluent in German, because the video is riddled with comments in the SLS AMG’s native language. If… Continue Reading »


Spy Photo: The New Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes Benz USA is said to be very enthusiastic on the monobox mini-MPV’s design, and some of the automaker’s executives are motivated to put the car out in as many markets as possible. The latest variations are poised to join the standard hatchback in the range, which includes a BMW 1-series sports hatch and a four-door saloon with a much defined sporty look. The new Mercedes B-Class is set to be introduced in 2011, and is possible to be out on the US Market. Latest diesel and petrol engines are also poised to go along the range, while the latest model may also be used as a showcase for alternative… Continue Reading »


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