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EXCLUSIVE: Mercedes-Benz is buying Ducati – Entering Motorcycle Business!!! (April Fools’ Joke :))

While everyone thought that the deal between AMG and Ducati was just a partnership, it seems that Dr. Z has inked a deal with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer and has brought it under the Daimler AG family. According to exclusive first-hand sources, the deal is worth just under $15 Billion, which is a pretty heft price for a company that only makes EUR 430 million in revenue. It said that the Ducati brand will be phased out and replaced by a new company, dubbed as Mercedes-Benz Bertha (paying homage to the wife of Karl Benz) Mercedes will now directly compete with BMW and their motorcycle business, which means that they… Continue Reading »


Is AMG considering full takeover of Ducati?

The announcement of the AMG and Ducati partnership at the LA Auto Show is getting to be more interesting! A rumor that came up lately was for AMG considering making a full takeover of Ducati, which will mean a lot more than just a partnership for the MotoGP! On our last blog post, we were wondering how long the partnership will last and at this point “insiders” are suggesting already a possible full takeover! Well, it seems that an AMG-Ducati inspired two-wheeler is not far from becoming a reality – combining two high performance technologies is better than one. Competitors of Ducati have their own brand motorcycles and cars who… Continue Reading »


AMG and Ducati announce partnership for MotoGP efforts

Changing from one partner to another normally does not sound good, but the announcement of the AMG and Ducati going into partnership for the Ducati Moto-GP sounds very interesting! Adding more spice to that is Moto-GP nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi signing up with Ducati! (Wait a minute – does this mean he could be doing some test drives on a silver arrow?) The Italian two-wheel manufacturer is not as big as its main competitors in the Moto-GP but is always near the top to give them a run for their money, hopefully a good move for Rossi! The partnership could also hinge on for a better market share in… Continue Reading »


Mercedes and Ducati – A Possible Partnership For A New Motorbike Line?

Presently, there are only a few automakers that are also producing motorcyles.  These companies are Honda, Suzuki, Puegot and one of the more popular brands – BMW. Although that would about be it, based on the rumors, German automaker Mercedes-Benz is already planning to enter the scene. A few months ago, there was a report that Volkswagen would collaborate with Suzuki to restore the old NSU motorcyle brand under its own umbrella. Now, there is a recent round of rumor that Mercedes-Benz is about to do the same, possibly teaming up with Ducati in launching their own motorcycle venture. The rumors are aroused by the displays at Ducati events, where… Continue Reading »


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