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Virtual Driving Using The Mercedes-Benz Simulator

  The car industry’s most advanced simulator is found in Stuttgart in the Sindelfingen Technology Centre of Mercedes-Benz. Installed in October 2010, it modernizes the development of the latest vehicle systems with its electric hydraulic system, 360-degree display screen, and twelve-meter rail used for transverse motion. Mercedes-Benz Cars Development Head Dr. Thomas Weber revealed that the company is capable of duplicating dynamic driving maneuvers using the simulator. The simulator realistically imitates lane changing, and it facilitates an in-depth research on driver and vehicle behavior in road traffic. The test driver will sit inside an authentic vehicle while using the simulator. Data lines link the controls of the vehicle to an… Continue Reading »


The most realistic driving simulator ever

Is it just us, or are we as drawn to car simulators as we are to the real thing? We’re sure we speak for the rest of you as well. We’re sure you’ve had your fair share of sleepless nights playing Gran Turismo or Need for Speed. What we’re about to share with you is definitely something you haven’t, and will likely never be able to, try out. It’s Mercedes-Benz’s latest technological innovation in the race towards building the perfect automobile—a professional driving simulator. This simulator uses a 360-degree range of landscape imagery as well as twelve meters of rail for transverse motion. We’re sorry to disappoint you by saying… Continue Reading »


State-of-the-art driving simulators up and working

Ever been to Daimler’s Sindelfingen base. Well, you should, because that’s where the company’s latest technological breakthrough sits—brand new driving simulators. If you’re wondering who got first dibs on these babies, it’s none other than two of the company’s officials (who also happen to be working for the German government) Thomas Weber, a board member, and Peter Frankenberg, who is also Science Minister of the Baden-Wurttemberg state. Yes, we know you could have had tons more fun than they had, but it doesn’t matter. Right now these driving simulators are the cream of the crop in the automotive industry. So you’re going to have to be a high level official… Continue Reading »


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