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What Happens to AMG Driving Academy Cars After Life on Tracks?

The AMG Driving Academy is the place you can turn to if you want to experience driving one of the high-performance cars of the three-pointed star brand. The academy also offers lessons for those who want to improve their driving skills. But what happens to the cars there when they are finally retired from the track? According to a forum in MB World, cars used in AMG Driving Academy are brought back to Mercedes-Benz dealerships to be sold to potential customers. A forum member named betrezra, who is pictured above, exposed that Mercedes takes a great deal of effort in hiding the history of their cars when they are put back… Continue Reading »


M-B Winter Driving Course Launched In UK

Winter’s not far away and for plenty of us, it’s time to enjoy the last of the good weather by taking our cars out for long, pleasant and spirited drives. For those lucky enough to have toy cars, it’s also time to think about preparing to store these cars for the winter. But the coming of winter doesn’t mean that we have to give up our love for driving. We just have to prepare ourselves a little too, and this means learning or reviewing some techniques that ice and snow driving requires. For residents in the UK, this opportunity comes by way of the Winter Driving Course at the Mercede-Benz… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Driving Academy Demos The Art Of Drifting

When Mercedes-Benz announced the North American branch of its Driving Academy, it was a welcome and necessary addition to the services the car manufacturer provides to the motoring public. There is nothing like a closed course and a set of professional driving instructors to emphasize the serious responsibility of operating a multi-ton high-speed machine. But it’s not all boring stuff, as this video taken at the Driving Academy shows. Here, a couple of the instructors show some advanced driving techniques, such as power sliding. Since the Academy’s main demographic are teenage drivers, these advanced techniques show the skills involved in managing a car’s attitude around the track. Mercedes and drifting… Continue Reading »


LA Branch Of Mercedes Driving Academy To Open October

As a follow-up to its announced intention in March of opening a Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for teenagers in the U.S., Mercedes has announced the initial location of the company’s Driving Academy. The Los Angeles site will teach young drivers the techniques of proper car operation and driving, as well as exposing them to the benefits and features of  the Mercedes-Benz brand. The October launch of the Academy will see students being trained through online, classroom and behind-the-wheel training. The California-focused curriculum includes on-road training, digital animations, problem-solving exercises and in-car coaching based on questioning. Heading the LA branch is Carolyn Duchene, a veteran Daimler employee with experience in Mercedes’ projects,… Continue Reading »


Daimler Announces Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy In The U.S. for Teens

It is a known fact that youth, testosterone and driving are not a good mix on public roads and this is borne out by the statistic from CDC that teens aged 16-19 are four times more likely to crash than adults. To teach drivers how to properly drive their saloons and sports cars, MBNA has announced the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for both teen and adult drivers in the U.S. Although no official date has been disclosed for the start of lessons, the company announced that preparations should be done by the end of this year, and that the academy will focus on “teaching teenagers the skills and competencies for safe… Continue Reading »


Lewis Hamilton to race against this year’s Summer Driving Challenge survivors

Wondering what to do for your next summer vacation? How about being part of Mercedes-Benz’s biggest summer holiday programme yet? To be held in its brand experience center around Weybridge, Surrey, the event offers several attractions that are sure to win the hearts of Mercedes-Benz fans everywhere. To begin with, the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy will be setting up guests to drive along with 2008 Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton. It’s not going to be a leisurely drive though, as Lewis is unlikely to take things easily behind the wheel. If you win, though, no doubt you will be immortalized as the guest who beat Lewis Hamilton to the checkered… Continue Reading »


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