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Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series Drifting In The Desert

The Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series is among the most renowned vehicles manufactured by AMG. Its 6.2-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine offers a power output of 507HP and toque of 464 lb-ft. It can speed up from 0 to 62 mph within 6.2 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 187 mph. It is based on an E-Coupe, a previous generation CLK. It features wider tracks, numerous axles, differential and trick suspension. It has shown its optimal performance on the drag strip and was pushed to its limits on a number of country roads. This monster on the road has been given numerous praises for its performance on… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Driving Academy Demos The Art Of Drifting

When Mercedes-Benz announced the North American branch of its Driving Academy, it was a welcome and necessary addition to the services the car manufacturer provides to the motoring public. There is nothing like a closed course and a set of professional driving instructors to emphasize the serious responsibility of operating a multi-ton high-speed machine. But it’s not all boring stuff, as this video taken at the Driving Academy shows. Here, a couple of the instructors show some advanced driving techniques, such as power sliding. Since the Academy’s main demographic are teenage drivers, these advanced techniques show the skills involved in managing a car’s attitude around the track. Mercedes and drifting… Continue Reading »


Drifting Video of the Mercedes SLS AMG

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is the automobile the doesn’t really need any marketing, as this German car is already a showcase on its own. But despite of this, Mercedes chose to add a new video to highlight the SLS AMG. The video features the supercar while in a drifting session on a wet circle track at the Mercedes-Benz World in Germany. The automobile is being driven by the Mercedes-Benz senior stunt driver, Ed Redfern. The video shows the driver drifting his laps on the track, while describing that the steering wheel should be managed very gently and that the automobile is basically being controlled mostly with the feet. The background… Continue Reading »


Classic E-Class diesel wagon going sideways

How often do you see a classic Mercedes-Benz wagon drifting on the track? Let’s see… uhm, never? Well, now you will. Here’s a video of an E-Class wagon, a diesel, going sideways in what seems to be a drifting competition. In case it hasn’t sinked in yet, what you’ll be witnessing is a real live Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon. A diesel. Well, at least it used to be a diesel. From the looks of the wheels and tires, and of course the fact that it’s competing in a highly competitive sport, this wagon has been modified inside out. If the Ghostbusters were still around, we reckon they’ll be trading in their… Continue Reading »


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