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Chocofied Smart Fortwo is Japan’s Idea of Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

Valentine’s Day, February 14, in Japan is all about girls giving the boys chocolate, and this is then reciprocated when White Day is celebrated on March 14. Still, which would you rather have as a V-Day gift—chocolates or a car? You don’t have to answer that. Q-Pot, a Japanese luxury jeweler and chocolatier just combined the two for your convenience. Of course, it just isn’t possible (yet) to build a car out of real chocolate. What designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu did, however, was build a Smart Fortwo that looks like it really was made out of chocolate. The main design elements are the color combinations. You get gold sections that act… Continue Reading »


The Smart Fortwo CARTONDRUCK comes to life

Want to make a lasting impression? Grab attention. Seriously. Even if it means investing in your ideas, no matter how outrageous they may seem, to keep your artistic energies flowing. That is exactly the case with famous designers, one of which is the renowned Sarah Illenberger. She has been in the business of creating visual ideas and concepts for big time editorial and advertising productions. Her latest project, named the CARTONDRUCK, is a fancy Smart Fortwo that’s been dressed up to look like a car made out of recycled carton. That is exactly the kind of impression you’ll get at first glance since Illenberger used bits and thousands of cardboard… Continue Reading »


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