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New design philosophy inside the next S-Class

Automotive design is never constant. As with the growing trends and demands in different markets, so will the need to evolve design philosophies in order to stay ahead of the competition. Mercedes-Benz is by no means a stranger to this fact, having incorporated various design innovations in their current production and future concept vehicles. And there’s no better example to show this than with the company’s flagship model, the all-new 2012 S-Class. The next generation S-Class will be the first to show the world just what kind of interior design philosophies the company are working with right now. Senior interior designer Hartmut Sinkwitz shares insights into what is to be… Continue Reading »


The man behind the design

Yes, we know you’re a Mercedes-Benz fan. Which is exactly the reason why you’re here and about to read about another fan who goes by the name of the SLS AMG Reporter. Cool, huh? And in this video report, he covers Mercedes-Benz’s latest design guardian, none other than Gorden Wagener. The man behind the genius that is combining what’s new and what has been deemed as classic elements of the Mercedes-Benz pedigree. Wagener’s job is no easy task, as it involves carefully keeping the balance between innovation, and brand heritage. It’s his job to make eyes pop and jaws drop on the streets as the latest Mercedes-Benz glides majestically over… Continue Reading »


The future of Mercedes-Benz design in the new CLS

You’ve seen the official images of the newly-released Mercedes-Benz CLS. But aren’t you wondering how this mighty beautiful machine came about? Apart from the millions of dollar spent on research and development, what really made the new CLS possible are the ideas of the men behind the drawing board. In the gallery below, you’ll see photos of the design process that were taken way, way before the new CLS was released and its official debut that’s set for the Paris Motor Show this October. The CLS is the only four-door coupe in the premium class, and remains a favorite since its inception in 2004. Mercedes-Benz design head Prof. Gorden Wagener… Continue Reading »


The Future of Mercedes-Benz Design

Let’s take a peek at what’s in store for Mercedes-Benz, shall we? The image you see above is the company’s way of stating what the next stage of their design is going to be. The art sculpture, made entirely of resin, was inspired heavily by Mother Nature, as well as the art deco style back in the 1930s. You’re all very familiar with the way cars nowadays, not only Mercedes-Benz, are styled in a sort of forward-leaning wedge shape. Looking at the sculpture, it seems the company is leaving the edgy path and headed into a more smooth, natural design language. When interviewed about the art sculpture, Mercedes-Benz Design Chief… Continue Reading »


High fashion hits center stage in Berlin

A wave of fashion is about to be unleashed starting July 7 at Mercedes-Benz’s Fashion Week Berlin as the best designers from the heart of Germany flock together to party. IMG Fashion Vice President Maia Guarnaccia was ecstatic, telling the press how she felt about the upcoming event. She believes that Mercedes-Benz has done a great job domestically and globally promoting the Fashion Week Berlin, as proven by the large number of designers—both first timers and comeback seasoned veterans—that registered for the event. A huge contributor to the success of the event’s promotional campaign comes in the form of model-turned-actress Milla Jovovich, who starred the leading role consecutively in all… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz opens new advanced design studio in California

Mercedes-Benz is moving its Southern Californian advanced design studio from Irvine to a newly-acquired, spacious facility near Carlsbad, in order to strengthen its creative base in the U.S. At the new Carlsbad facility, the styling masterminds pondering the car of the future have almost three times more space in which to realize their creative ideas. Thus, Mercedes-Benz is underscoring the continually growing influence of the advanced design studio on the internationally-oriented design strategy of the world’s oldest vehicle manufacturer.


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