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Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Win at red dot Design Awards

Mercedes-Benz featured prominently at the 2012 red dot design awards, with 3 Merc vehicles and the smart ebike being acknowledged for design quality. The winners representing Mercedes-Benz were the B-Class, C-Class Coupe, and also the SLS AMG Roadster. In addition to those citations, the smart ebike was also commended and was able to cop the red dot: best of the best award for highest design quality. The Actros struck was also cited. The red dot awards can be traced as far back as 1955, and now it is one of the largest design competitions in the world. The 2012 design awards involved 58 participating countries and over 1,800 designers and… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Teases New, Fresher Interior

Brought to our attention by regular reader Jay, here’s a teaser video that can be found in Mercedes-Benz’s official YouTube channel on design fundamentals. Forget brand names, designer Luke Leitch says. He goes on to describe what he feels are what you should look for in a design. Curiously, the video doesn’t show a car or a detail but a seat, done with highlights of lime green. Definitely not a color normally associated with factory cars from the German automaker. The end of the video shows the phrase, “do you dare challenge your perception?” Well, Mercedes may be preparing us for something truly different, as we shall see with the… Continue Reading »


CLS63 AMG Design Process Time-Lapsed On YouTube

We all know that Mercedes-Benzes are highly complex cars that are masterpieces from the minds of designers and engineers from the company’s tech centers. Unlike the sometimes overwhelming feeds on new models and spyshots that we get on a weekly basis, the design process is not as readily available. But now, a time-lapse video has hit YouTube, showing some elements of the design process, from the proverbial clean sheet of paper, to a digital rendering on a computer, which will become the basis for CAD/CAM processes that make up the steps in automobile production. As you will see, the video is a demonstration of the design process and not an… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Previews Upcoming B-Class Interior

In a preview held of the results of brainstorming exercises held in Mercedes’ Advanced Design Center in Como, Italy, facets of the new interior for the upcoming B-Class were presented. Immediately noticeable was the fact that many of the detail elements previously reserved for the high-end vehicle segments were present in the new interior of the B-Class. For example, the dash that was stitched with ARTICO man-made leather may make it to production. Other high-class details like the large, three-dimensional decorative element spanning the entire dashboard can be observed, as well as a galvanised surface contrasting with a piano black background for the display panel that takes pride of place… Continue Reading »


Merc Presents Aesthetics 125 Sculpture

Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled a sculpture that highlighted the kick-off for the brand’s celebrations of the 125th birthday of the automobile. The sculpture, named “Aesthetics 125,” is said to be the embodiment of the Mercedes-Benz philosophy that states “design is art.” Fans and enthusiasts can look at the sculpture as a prelude of things to come, saying that Aesthetics 125 represents the direction toward which the company’s design language will be headed in the future. According to the automaker, the sculpture is a combination of the “elements of an automobile’s interior and exterior by means of sweeping, almost soaring shape transitions.” Using something called “innovative rapid-prototyping technology,” Mercedes-Benz was able… Continue Reading »


Blackbird Design Study Borrows From SR-71 But Evokes Tron

From the mind of Hungarian designer Peter Vardai comes this Mercedes design study named the Blackbird. Vardai’s inspiration for the concept was the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, a machine that evokes images of purpose and speed. Looking at the shots of the design study, these are the same impressions that one gets. An image of a vehicle with purpose, and, to some, it may appear to be a bit menacing. That the design study’s color and lighting effects reminds us of the recent Tron movie was probably done on purpose. The message that the design study seems to impart is that Mercedes is a company that embraces the future and… Continue Reading »


LA 2010: Mercedes-Benz shows off Biome concept for LA Design Challenge

When it comes to car shows, LA Auto Show almost has got it all! It will be very interesting to find out the entries at the Los Angeles Design Challenge how auto designers partnered with car makers envision the future of cars. Light weight car design is the theme which is a 1,000 pound car (just half a ton) to be designed. Entries from Mercedes-Benz will be designs coming from three different countries namely: Germany, Japan and the U.S. One design which should catch attention is a full-scale model for the design coming from Carlsbad, Ca., U.S. The Biome Concept would be something like a ‘fantasy car’ because it will… Continue Reading »


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