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Mercedes-Benz G-Class Crash Compilation

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is definitely an incredible machine. It is very resilient when it comes to treading different terrains. Despite carrying the same design over decades, its styling remains very iconic, that’s why it remains one of the most sought after products of the three-pointed star brand. One notable group of celebrities who can’t seem to get enough of it is the Kardashian family. Due to the balance of prestige and performance that the G-Class possesses, it does not come cheap. In the United States, the pricing of its most affordable model, the G550, starts at $119,900. The cost can go up to $271,900 for its range-topping model, the Mercedes-AMG G65. Note that the figures do… Continue Reading »


Journo Rearends SLS AMG With A C63 AMG

Designating a fleet of cars as test drive mules is a necessity in the automotive business, more so if an automaker like Mercedes seeks to curry positive reviews with the local automotive press. China being a major market for the German automaker, Mercedes recently deemed that a test day was necessary for a couple of high performance vehicles from its AMG division. The venue was at the Zhuhai racetrack, which is a pretty decent track even by international standards. So Mercedes-AMG must have been pretty confident that handing out keys to various test drivers during its SLS AMG Trak Xperience would go pretty smoothly. But no. Two journalists managed to… Continue Reading »


CLS crashes during testing

Despite the majestic 2012 Mercedes-Benz being released to the public only recently at its world debut at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, there’s already news of it being involved in a crash, courtesy of The uneventful crash takes place in the Green Hell, a.k.a. Nurburgring, the infamous race track in Germany where so many crashes have occurred, whether during racing, or merely testing. In fact, it’s the favored spot of car engineers especially during final testing phases. If you look at the photos, it seems that there is minimum damage. Fortunately, this one’s a test mule, so the engineers probably don’t mind as long as they get the data… Continue Reading »


First ever: SLS AMG crashes for good

Here’s an epic failure of driver’s patience and wisdom. This $183,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG got into a heated episode of cat-and-mouse with a couple of lesser expensive cars—a Lada 112 and a Nissan Murano—but wasn’t able to perform quite to expectations. Either that or the driver was simply incredibly out-of-this-world stupid. Go figure. Would you really risk your super car by getting into an ego-testical match of courage? Then you might as well have picked something a little less expensive and memorable. Anyway, here’s the real scoop. You all know that only a handful of really affluent customers can get their hands on an SLS AMG, or much less get… Continue Reading »


Man killed and an M-Class prototype wrecked in Autobahn crash

No matter how careful you or other motorists are, unfortunate circumstances can and will happen. A fatality recently occurred on the Autobahn, a long stretch of highway in Germany where speed limits are almost non-existent. The parties involved included a test driver for Daimler AG, a 26-year man, and a couple of good Samaritans that were trying to help. Police reports that there was an earlier accident wherein the 26-year-old man drove into the median guard rail. A couple of motorists saw the crash and decided to stop and offer some assistance. All this was happening in the wee hours of April 23, along the A81 stretch between Singen and… Continue Reading »


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