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The all-new CL Coupe unsheathed in Australia

We just can’t help but notice the subtle similarities between the new CLS and the 2011 CL-Class Coupe, as it was unearthed at the Australian International Motor Show by none other than Mercedes-Benz Australia. The new CL will have a different powerplant—a 4.7-liter V8—replacing the retiring CL 500′s 5.5-liter V8. This new engine, despite its being smaller than the old CL’s powerplant, is capable of delivering more power at less expense to both the driver and the environment. So despite the new CL’s subtle external makerover, it does get more than it bargained for in the form of a much more reliable and fuel efficient engine featuring BlueDIRECT technology. If… Continue Reading »


New C-Class rounding the Nurburgring

It’s been a while since we last wrote about the facelifted C-Class. Well, here’s the saloon variant making rounds on infamous Nurburgring. In case you’re wondering, this is the track that gave the new CLS is first ever recorded crash, as well as the SLS AMG GT3′s first fiasco on a track on its racing debut. You can see that this test car has been lightly disguised to reveal subtle visual enhancements up front, most notably taking cues from the brand-new E-Class range—the headlamps, the well-contoured bonnet and the redesigned bumper. Now, if you peek at the rear end, you’ll find even less enhancements, limited to the bumper and the… Continue Reading »


Update on the next-generation C-Class

So yeah, the next C-Class will come in both coupe and convertible variants. In the gallery below, you’ll even get to peek at its interior. But how will the next C-Class Coupe fare against the two-door E-Class. Since the E-Class similarly is based on the current C-Class platform, it’ll be fun to see which of the two will be larger and performance-wise, which will be a lot more tempting to drive. A lot of questions are hanging on these two vehicle lineups, questions which will hopefully get some answers from the up-and-coming Paris Motor Show in France. Surely, you guys are wondering what the price tag will be and how… Continue Reading »


Spy photos of the proposed C-Class Coupe

In case you’re wondering, yes Mercedes-Benz has indeed said yes on a new C-Class Coupe. They say its set to joint the rest of the gang once the current C-Class expires, making way for a replacement. To back it up, here are new spy photos of an orange crash test coupe that show brand new details of what the C-Class Coupe may look like. If you look closely at the base of the C-pillar, you’ll notice that there’s an ascending line that’s quite a stark difference from Mercedes-Benz’s current models. Apart from that, nothing really certain right now. Wait, there is. Some of the photos also suggest wide wheel arches,… Continue Reading »


C63 AMG Coupe to enter power war soon

Guess what, people? Mercedes-Benz is now planning to offer an AMG version of the upcoming C-Class Coupe. Coming from AMG insiders themselves, the company is planning on making this one a direct rival of the BMW M3, as well as the Audi RS5. It looks like there’s more hatred than it seems between these fellow German premium car players. And now that the performance war is in its early rounds, Mercedes-Benz will be calling this model the C63 AMG Coupe. But it’ll supposedly be available only late next year. Just to squash all the rumors of cannibalization, Mercedes-Benz will not apply its downsizing trend on the future AMG variants of… Continue Reading »


Insider Spy: C-Class Coupe to possibly replace the CLC

Did you really think Mercedes-Benz really let BMW get away with their 1/3 Series Coupe’s success across the globe? Think again, fellow Insider. Because Mercedes-Benz isn’t going to take this sitting down. Not without a fight. It hasn’t been made public, though. That’s why we’re doing you a favor, by releasing spy photographs of the replacement for the leaves-much-to-be-desired CLC. Right now, they’re calling it the C-Class Coupe, but who knows what it’ll be called once it makes its public debut? Rumors say that it should hit show floors as early as June or July next year. They also say that it’s going to be based largely on the existing,… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe (aka CLK) Spy shots

The guys over at have some interesting footage of what will be the next E-Class Coupe. As you may remember, Mercedes will be changing the names for the CLK and CL, replacing them with E-Class Coupe and S-Class coupe respectively. It’s rumored that E-Class coupe will arrive to show room in spring of 2009 in show room, but we have our doubts about such a date – probably close to the end of 2009. As you’ll see below, NextAutos also captured some great images of the coupe while being tested.


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