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Smart working on electric scooter concept

It’s not only sister company Mercedes-Benz that’s pondering on entering the motorcycle arena. Another one of Daimler AG’s brainchildren, Smart, is now working on a scooter concept. Hopefully, this idea will last longer than Smart’s short-lived Forfour. Smart, which was founded by Swatch’s Nicolas Hayek, figured that an electric scooter concept will be a viable addition to their electric vehicle lineup, specifically to the successful Fortwo. According to Smart, their aim to broaden both their clout on the electric vehicle market as well as boost their overall sales. So here we are, presenting what is Smart’s artist renderings of their latest idea, a purely electric scooter that should make a… Continue Reading »


Insider Spy: The next CLS

Wondering what the next Mercedes-Benz CLS might look like? Well, here’s something to fuel your imagination. These images had been leaked out despite Stuttgart’s best efforts to keep you guys and gals scintillated with anticipation. It’s a four-door coupe that’s just waiting to be queued into the production line. As you can see, the next CLS will take a lot of design cues from the Shooting Break CLS concept, specifically the front grill and the more raunchy fascia. The sectioned style of the headlights have been retained from the current design, albeit they’re somewhat more slender and a lot more attention-grabbing. The LED arrays that are clearly visible makes you… Continue Reading »


C-Class Shooting Break concept a possibility

Despite the financial crisis that plagued the automotive industry in 2009, car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz haven’t given up from trying to reach more niche markets. Unlike other companies who are afraid that their attempt at tapping into a niche segment would simply draw popularity and thereby kill the main purpose of exclusivity, Mercedes-Benz has plans is to introduce a shooting brake concept, something the company has never tried but is boldly considering. News of this actually comes after fellow German rival BMW talked to the media about creating a shooting break model of their future 6 Series. It seems Mercedes-Benz wants to enter the fray instead of just passively… Continue Reading »


I-Spy: Computer-aided rendition of the future ML-Class

Moving forward doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to drop all your past achievements and start from scratch. Sometimes, you’ve got to take pieces of past, successful projects and use them to build new creations. That’s what Mercedes-Benz is set to do with the next generation of the ML-Class. This time, the company is looking into putting in elements from their up-and-coming GL-Class and future R-Class models, plus advancements in powertrain systems to please future power and emission requirements. By mid-2011, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class SUV shall still be shrouded in mystery. There are, however, several spy shots of an advance prototype that shows a leaner form, albeit having the same… Continue Reading »


SLV out, lighter, more efficient SLM in

You already heard of the rumors that Mercedes-Benz is planning on building a smaller version of the SLS. That supposed spin-off would have been called the SLV, sharing the front-engine layout of the Gullwing. But the company decided to forgo that project for something a lot more, shall we say, promising. Mercedes-Benz is still going to work on an SLS derivative, but this time round they’re going to call it the SLM. The M stands for mid-engine. Oh, so NOW you’re listening. Who would have thought Mercedes-Benz would decide to veer away from the SLS platform and boldly go where so many others have (not?) gone before. Well, at least… Continue Reading »


The ultimate go anywhere vehicle: The LAPV 6.X Concept

EADS, a military technology supplier, has just unveiled its partnership project with Mercedes-Benz. Dubbed as the 6.X Concept, it is Mercedes-Benz’s next in line G-Wagon Light Armored Patrol Vehicle. Based on the LAPV 5.4, its designed to have less weight at the benefit of having improved protection plus an increased payload carrying capacity. The 6.X Concept’s high torque common rail diesel engine will be able to hurl it up to 150km/h while transporting up to 1.3 tons of payload. Protection comes in the form of an armor plate system that enables damaged plates to be dropped off in an instant and be replaced with new or spare plates. The system… Continue Reading »


Artist draws up Mercedes-Benz of the future

What do you think cars will look like forty years from now? Well, here’s a rendition by artist Felipe Palermo. Apparently, his view of the future isn’t that farfetched, except his design looks like a boat on wheels. What’s funny about this design is it doesn’t seem to have glass windows. Are people of the future supposed to be breathing polluted air? If so, then this design takes its roots from convertibles. But if you look really close at the body and the wheel layout, you’ll notice that it resembles somewhat a Formula One racecar. So apparently Palermo also had performance in mind. Another part of the design that’s quite… Continue Reading »


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