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Smart Glitterball Concept Brings Disco Back

Disco is officially back, at least in the automotive world. It started back when Toyota outed its iQ Disco concept last October, and now it’s smart’s turn. The Daimler subsidiary has come up with something it calls the Glitterball concept, a one-off that showcases disco ball designs on the wheels and the body. The smart fortwo’s electric version was decked with reflective glass much like a disco ball’s exterior. The design was made by electronica and experimental rock group Appartajik. It will be used for the Pixel City movie, which is part of the group’s Light Space Modular exhibition at the neue nationalgalerie berlin – museum from March 13 through… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Shooting Brake Concept Shows Retro Styling Direction

A previous post showed a spy shot of a styling buck for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-Class which shows more aggressive styling. This may be a signal that Mercedes is serious in making the A-Class as successful as its older siblings. Now, a styling concept shows a shooting brake that Mercedes says will be produced in the near future. The Brake moniker was the name carriages were given that were used to “break” in wild horses and also to hamper or “brake” their propensity to move so that they could be used as work horses. Brakes were often used to carry along anything that may have been necessary for it use,… Continue Reading »


Styling Buck Shows Aggressive Makeover For A-Class

Devoted fans of the Mercedes-Benz marque don’t give the A-Class Mercedes much respect. It’s a legitimate reaction since the Mercedes name is synonymous with luxury and performance and the A-Class doesn’t offer much of both, compared to its C- and E-class brethren. If Mercedes has its way though, the next A-Class will be stylish enough to pique the interest of the M-B elite. Spy photogs managed to get a set of images showing a styling buck of the next generation A-Class. Lower and more aggressive-looking, it is unmistakably a Mercedes-Benz and the flanks even show hints of the CLS. Styling bucks are wood sections that are placed on a frame… Continue Reading »


Blackbird Design Study Borrows From SR-71 But Evokes Tron

From the mind of Hungarian designer Peter Vardai comes this Mercedes design study named the Blackbird. Vardai’s inspiration for the concept was the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, a machine that evokes images of purpose and speed. Looking at the shots of the design study, these are the same impressions that one gets. An image of a vehicle with purpose, and, to some, it may appear to be a bit menacing. That the design study’s color and lighting effects reminds us of the recent Tron movie was probably done on purpose. The message that the design study seems to impart is that Mercedes is a company that embraces the future and… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Set to Unveil New Concept Car

As part of its celebrations for the 125th birthday of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz is set to showcase its newest concept car design. This was revealed to British automotive magazine Autocar by an insider source. What makes the unveiling even more exciting is that Mercedes-Benz has chosen to showcase the new design concept in sculpture form—much like the way the F800 concept (pictured) was revealed by the German automaker at the NAIAS or the Detroit Motor Show a year ago. Another entirely different design concept is set to go public at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held in the middle of September this year. The Autocar insider called… Continue Reading »


Detroit 2011: The automobile interior becomes a work of art

At the 2011 North American International Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz not only captures visitors’ attention with fascinating automobiles and technical innovations, but enthrals with an art object as well. Interior Design at Mercedes-Benz in Germany has created a sculpture that expresses visually that which inspires designers, and on the other hand gives space to the creative artistic process in the design of the vehicle interior. It makes an aesthetics of sustainability visible and is oriented towards the perfect forms of nature which evolved over periods spanning millions of years. Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics No. 2 sculpture is this idea made visible. It consciously defies the shackles of the limited context of ergonomics,… Continue Reading »


Is Mercedes-Benz Planning New Ecological Mid-Engine Supercar?

Mercedes Benz’ concept car the Biome is on the forefront of being developed and expectations are it would be released some time in 2015. It is speculated to be indirect competition of what BMW is developing, their Vision EfficientDynamic car. There is stiff competition now among German car manufacturers, including Audi, for supremacy on eco-friendly motorcars! The Biome has been featured in the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, and as we said its looks are very futuristic. Chief of the California design team stated that some elements in the design could easily be developed for production. They just have to make sure that it would either not be… Continue Reading »


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