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smart Presents ForVision Concept For The Future

At the Frankfurt Auto Show, smart presented its Forvision concept car that could be a glimpse into the next-generation Fortwo. As befits a concept for the future, innovative new design and material concepts are explored in the Forvision, such as the use of carbon fiber reinforced with epoxy resins, which was used for the passenger cell and the doors. Also explored in the concept was the use of plastic wheels, which also offer significant weight savings like the carbon fiber passenger cell. All these materials provide 50% weight savings compared to traditional materials. For these innovations, Mercedes collaborated with BASF, the German chemical giant. The concept car is powered by… Continue Reading »


F125 Concept Uses Hydrogen Power

Mercedes is really serious about further developing its F-Cell technology, as evidenced by a concept car it very quietly developed in time for the 2011 Frankfurt Show. Called the F125, it features gullwing doors like the SLS supercar and is powered by a hydrogen cell. Like the electric SLS, it’s got four electric motors behind the wheels with a total output in the region of 230 horsepower. As with all electric-motor driven cars, full torque is immediately available, so this car can hit 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. With its hydrogen fuell cell, range is 620 miles and in case you run out before getting to currently scarce hydrogen refuelling… Continue Reading »


Unimog Concept Celebrates 60 Fruitful Years

Let it not be said that Mercedes’ designers have staid old values whose cars pander only to the well-heeled luxury set. In celebrating the 60th anniversary of this legendary work vehicle, Mercedes has developed a Unimog concept. Based on the Unimog U5000 chassis, it is hardly something that one would think as anything but a playful expression of what a future Unimog could look like. Looking at the whimsical design, it is far removed from the utilitarian image that we have come to associate with the faithful work truck. It has an exposed chassis and an exposed cab, which is reminiscent of the first Unimogs from 1951, which had an… Continue Reading »


smart and Boxfresh Unveils New Concept Car

Britain’s street brand, Boxfresh, help design the special editions of smart BRABUS and gave the fortwo vehicle a nice creative twist. This project made the car look fresh with touches of great colors, materials, textures and trimmings all from Boxfresh graphics’ team. The graphics company said they collaborated with smart because they share the same “enthusiasm and passion for design and have a truly global reach” according to Daniel Morris the Managing Director of Boxfresh. He also added that the concept car “is a true reflection of the coming together of our two brands.” Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz UK, Gary Savage said that the concept car is a way to… Continue Reading »


New Mercedes Benz Range-Topper Rumored Under Development

The rumor mills are saying that Mercedes is reportedly developing a new range-topping sedan. This new luxury car is supposed to squarely match up against the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, one of the VAG conglomerate’s luxury offerings. No details are immediately forthcoming from the German automaker, but the rumor is that this new model will look like a super CLS and is intended to be sold beside the CL. In keeping with its super CLS stature, this new model will have dramatic styling and dramatic performance, courtesy of Mercedes’ AMG division. Since this super CLS will undoubtedly offer new levels of luxury, the rumors include a Maybach variant that Daimler’s… Continue Reading »


The Mercedes-Benz Aria

Some people just can’t get enough of concept car designs. Well, here’s one that may just strike the fancy of even those who aren’t all that interested. The Mercedes-Benz Aria was envisioned for the year 2030. Its designer says that despite the concept being powered by electricity, it retains much of the styling cues that people have grown to love from petrol-driven vehicles – it is sleek, dynamic and sexy. The Aria’s designer wanted a theme that struck no bounds. Simply put, the design had to be timeless – just like musical instruments. Try to visualize a piano when it is closed – it is elegant and extremely classy. A… Continue Reading »


Official: Mercedes-Benz Concept A-CLASS (Photo+Video)

Mercedes-Benz is once again presenting a car that might have come from another planet: the Mercedes Concept A-Class is the first heartbeat of a new generation whose expressive design stands for concentrated dynamism. The Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class is celebrating its premiere at the Auto Shanghai show (21 to 28 April 2011). The technical highlights of this front-wheel drive Concept car include a new, turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine developing 155 kW (210 hp), a dual clutch transmission and a radar-based collision warning system with adaptive Brake Assist. View the entire gallery


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