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AMG Head Kallenius Mulls New Models For The Division

In an interview, AMG Head Ola Källenius has said that Mercedes-Benz’ high-performance division is looking at new models for the company to produce. For AMG, the SLS is only an example of what the company can, and is capable of, doing. AMG thinks that other models will be good for the division and breath fresh life into it. That AMG can produce the SLS indicates that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a mass-produced model acting as a base. Therefore, it is a possiblity that AMG may develop a sports car, an SLS little brother, to compete with the likes of the Porsche 911. The target price for such a… Continue Reading »


Aston Martin To Build Maybachs?

Rumors are circulating that Aston Martin may build Maybachs for Daimler AG. The possible partnership between the two luxury carmakers would have Aston Martin contribute to the design of the ultraluxury sedan currently being offered by Daimler AG. As part of the potential agreement, Aston Martin may be allowed acces and use of engine technology from Daimler. The ailing Maybach brand would benefit from the partnership with Aston Martin, who could give a cheaper solution for Daimler. Options are still being evaluated and no decision is immediately forthcoming, says Daimler about the rumored partnership. Although Aston Martin has made no comment, Daimler says that “there is no cooperation deal with… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Museum Draws Large Crowds For 2010

Most major car companies have seen fit to maintain automotive museums to better preserve their historical achievements over the decades. And while most of these museums undoubtedly have something interesting to preserve and show, it is Mercedes-Benz’s cars that are filled with innovation, heritage and a sense of history. It is in the forthcoming year that Mercedes-Benz celebrates Carl Benz’s patent application for his first car 125 years ago. A truly historical event. In 2010, Mercedes-Benz reported that 650,000 entrants visited the museum. Significantly 27 percent were foreigners who recognized Mercedes-Benz as an automotive icon whose products made a significant impact on the world. The museum hosts the entire history… Continue Reading »


Daimler And Kamaz Sign Axle Deal

German manufacturer Daimler and Kamaz of Russia continue their cozy relationship with the signing of  a new agreement. The signing of an additional Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Russian partner Kamaz has prompted Daimler to quip that the partnership is “all milk and honey” after last week’s signing. In the new deal, Daimler will supply axles for the trucks produced by the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok joint venture. Daimler will also supply axles as well as components for non-drive front axle systems and one- and two-stage rear drive axle systems. This development will follow in the future if all goes according to plan. Daimler Trucks procurement and global powertrain operations manager… Continue Reading »


Green Entrepreneurs Supported by Mercedes-Benz USA and the Conservation Fund

A key investment was made recently by Mercedes-Benz USA to The Conservation Fund’s ShadeFund program. This program is a new endeavor by The Conservation Fund to provide green entrepreneurs small loans to help their businesses along. The program will tap into the growing trend of making loans to small American businesses and innovators who creatively and responsibly use natural resources to help grow a green economy. The loan funds will come from donated capital. “As an inaugural sponsor of ShadeFund, Mercedes-Benz USA is investing in the spirit of innovation by providing much needed seed capital for companies in emerging green sectors. Together we can create creative conservation solutions that spur… Continue Reading »


MB India Produces 30,000th Car from Chakan Plant; Eyes Future Investments

As Mercedes-Benz India rolls out unit number 30,000 from its 100-acre Chakan plant, the company reports that it is now looking at an investment of Rs 600 crore into the facility. Here’s some info for perspective: a crore stands for 10,000,000 (yep, that’s ten million spelled out), which means Rs 600 crore is actually 6 billion rupees, or roughly $133 million. That’s a sizeable total investment for the plant right there. The plant’s Paint Shop is said to be targeting operational status by 2012, sometime around the year’s second half. That will give the plant a 20,000-unit capacity that can be converted to 40,000 if such a need ever arises…. Continue Reading »


Best technicians go head to head in Global TechMasters PC

What happens when you pit two talented individuals in a contest? You get to see what they’re really made of, that’s what. Competition brings out the best out of people. And just when you think they’ve done their very best, they do better. That’s what Global TechMasters PC 2010 is all about. The very best of Mercedes-Benz service employees and technicians will go head to head against each other for this prestigious championship to be crowned the ‘best of the best’ technical team in the world that can work on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. They’ll be judged based on their skills and talents related to auto repair and maintenance. This year’s… Continue Reading »


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