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Drive & Seek campaign for the C-Class

The C-Class is undoubtedly the king of Mercedes-Benz dealerships, with admirable sales figures that cut across all markets worldwide. The company is not oblivious to that fact, and that’s why it has decided to launch a one-of-a-kind interactive campaign to strike the C-Class’ popularity up several notches. Vice President of Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars Anders Sundt couldn’t have said it better himself – “The C-Class Coupe campaign does a wonderful job reflecting the identity of the vehicle – agility and design. In addition to current Mercedes-Benz drivers, with the C-Coupe we are particularly aiming for a new, younger target group, hence the modern campaign approach.” We’d love for the elders… Continue Reading »


Tornados Force Mercedes Plant Stoppage

It seems that natural calamities are forcing more than Japanese manufacturers to halt their production lines. The recent tornadoes which wreaked havoc in the southern United States have caused both Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to temporarily halt work and close their vehicle manufacturing facilities in Alabama. Mercedes-Benz’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant is responsible for assembling the company’s GL-Class, M-Class and R-Class vehicles. In Huntsville, Alabama, Toyota’s plant produces V6 and V8 engines for the Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks and the Sequoia sport utility vehicle. Both carmakers’ manufacturing plants were closed due to the numerous power outages affecting many areas in the South. The outages are not in any way prolonged and… Continue Reading »


Five key innovations for the future

A recent visit to Germany brought a wealth of information to the boys at Autoblog. The team was fortunate enough to bear witness to Mercedes-Benz’s plans for the future, and had gotten a treat of the technological veil that the company possesses in preparation for the future. They picked out five key innovations that they thought were the most prominent and significant and posted it with a bunch of fascinating photos. We won’t go into detail of each five but instead will give you a sneak peek. First off is the Cam-Touch-Pad HMI. It’s basically a translucent touch pad with a camera underneath that tracks your fingers’ movements. It’s kind… Continue Reading »


Daimler reports plans for the next ten years

“360 Degrees – Facts on Sustainability” was the report presented by Daimler as it took full advantage of the company’s yearly general meeting in Berlin, Germany. The report is broken down into five specific parts, all of which make up the car manufacturer’s guideline measures for business to last up until 2020. The report was given in adequate detail, divided into five sections, namely sustainability management, industrial environmental protection, employees, and the social environment. It offers a sneak peek on how the company as a whole is planning to address the current issues troubling the automotive industry.  The company made it a point to discuss the steps it is taking… Continue Reading »


Daimler Declares Bonuses For 2010 Performance

Pegged to the fortunes of the company in which he is the chairman, Dieter Zetsche is a happy man nowadays, as his 2010 pay amounted to 8.7 million Euros. This is in more than double the Daimler chairman earned in 2009, which was “mere” €4.2 million. The spike in the Chairman’s pay was a result of a 4.8 million Euro bonus for 2010, compared to 689,000 Euros for 2009. These bonuses are dependent on company earnings before taxes, which hit €7.3 billion last year, benefitting from the worldwide rebound of sales of Mercedes cars and trucks. It was not only Herr Zetsche who got a hefty bonus. Total bonuses for… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz USA Reports Significant Gains In Sales Figures

In news that must have brought broad smiles to the people of Mercedes-Benz USA, the company has reported significant upticks for sales figures for the month of February. MBUSA sold 16,167 units for the past month, which is a combined figure for all Mercedes-Benz and Maybach vehicles sold in the U.S. These figures include the Sprinter commercial van and Mercedes’ Certified Pre-Owned Program. Currently, MBUSA has 12 model lines for the U.S., ranging from the sporty C-Class, the luxury S-Class sedans and the SLS AMG supercar. Statistically, the figures show a 5.1% rise for February and a 9.5% rise in year-to-date sales. It was the C- and E-Class model lines… Continue Reading »


Merc Stands on Top of UK Consumer Superbrands Rankings

Luxury was the name of the game when the list of Britain’s top consumer brands came out, as automaker Mercedes-Benz emerged on top of the survey followed by luxury watchmaker Rolex. It would seem that heritage played a large role in the results of the survey, as the majority of brands in the list being much, much older than the life span of the average consumer. The list is a survey of the top brands according to their respective reputations when it comes to consumers and authorities. The Top 10 consumer brands also featured a couple of other automakers, BMW and Jaguar, while the Business Superbrands rankings pole position was… Continue Reading »


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