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Mercedes Teases New, Fresher Interior

Brought to our attention by regular reader Jay, here’s a teaser video that can be found in Mercedes-Benz’s official YouTube channel on design fundamentals. Forget brand names, designer Luke Leitch says. He goes on to describe what he feels are what you should look for in a design. Curiously, the video doesn’t show a car or a detail but a seat, done with highlights of lime green. Definitely not a color normally associated with factory cars from the German automaker. The end of the video shows the phrase, “do you dare challenge your perception?” Well, Mercedes may be preparing us for something truly different, as we shall see with the… Continue Reading »


Exclusive: Spy-shots of the upcoming “baby” CLS

The Baby-CLS or BLS/CLC/CLA as some are calling it, was just a rumor back a few months ago when we first reported about it, but as we can see in these exclusive spy-shots, it seems that Mercedes-Benz is going ahead with it’s plan to create a smaller version of legendary CLS. It is rumored that the baby-CLS (some are even calling it the 4-door coupe version of the C-Class) will be built on the same architecture as the next-gen B-Class. Front-wheel drive will be available for the standard version, whereas the AMG version will get a all-wheel drive system. Not much is known about the drive system, but if rumors… Continue Reading »


New C-Class rounding the Nurburgring

It’s been a while since we last wrote about the facelifted C-Class. Well, here’s the saloon variant making rounds on infamous Nurburgring. In case you’re wondering, this is the track that gave the new CLS is first ever recorded crash, as well as the SLS AMG GT3’s first fiasco on a track on its racing debut. You can see that this test car has been lightly disguised to reveal subtle visual enhancements up front, most notably taking cues from the brand-new E-Class range—the headlamps, the well-contoured bonnet and the redesigned bumper. Now, if you peek at the rear end, you’ll find even less enhancements, limited to the bumper and the… Continue Reading »


C-Class Shooting Break concept a possibility

Despite the financial crisis that plagued the automotive industry in 2009, car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz haven’t given up from trying to reach more niche markets. Unlike other companies who are afraid that their attempt at tapping into a niche segment would simply draw popularity and thereby kill the main purpose of exclusivity, Mercedes-Benz has plans is to introduce a shooting brake concept, something the company has never tried but is boldly considering. News of this actually comes after fellow German rival BMW talked to the media about creating a shooting break model of their future 6 Series. It seems Mercedes-Benz wants to enter the fray instead of just passively… Continue Reading »


Insider Spy: C-Class Coupe to possibly replace the CLC

Did you really think Mercedes-Benz really let BMW get away with their 1/3 Series Coupe’s success across the globe? Think again, fellow Insider. Because Mercedes-Benz isn’t going to take this sitting down. Not without a fight. It hasn’t been made public, though. That’s why we’re doing you a favor, by releasing spy photographs of the replacement for the leaves-much-to-be-desired CLC. Right now, they’re calling it the C-Class Coupe, but who knows what it’ll be called once it makes its public debut? Rumors say that it should hit show floors as early as June or July next year. They also say that it’s going to be based largely on the existing,… Continue Reading »


Poor-performing CLC to be sacked

In this business, you got to have the guts to let go of things that just aren’t performing up to the least of your expectations. And that’s what Mercedes-Benz is about to do with their little hatch, the CLC. It just isn’t attracting enough buyers to keep it in the production line ever since production started way back in 2008. It doesn’t help that Mercedes-Benz decided to keep it away from the North American market. Even though in other markets, the CLC and the original C-Class Sport Coupe were mildly popular, it still doesn’t add up for redemption. So you can’t really blame Mercedes-Benz for deciding to drop it from… Continue Reading »


What the C-Class Coupe should have looked like

Well here is something you’ve never seen, a real C-Class Coupe. Well by real we mean it’s not the current CLC sports coupe, which is kinda of a hatchback if you really think about it. Artist Rendy Alfonso, from, has send us a computer illustration of what he feels the “real” C-Class Coupe should look like. We certainly understand his motivation here, but most importantly, we dig his design. Head over to his site and download the original illustration in wallpaper formats.


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