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Red and White Dream CLS63 AMG Kit by Carlsson

The Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is probably one of the most beautful four-door coupe in the market today. But tuner Carlsson is just never satisfied. Carlsson creates a customization program for this already lovely car and made it even lovelier and aftermarket-friendly. Everybody likes red leathers inside a perfectly white car right? So that’s what they did and they tagged it as “red and white dream”. Using Santa Red Nappa Leather for the interior, a “Diamond White Metallic” paint and a nice shiny 20-inch of Carlsson light wheels, the car is surely going to get lots of admiration. Aside from the appearance enhancement, Carlsson also tinkered with the hood of this… Continue Reading »


Carlsson Provided Excellent Interior to the CLS 63AMG

The Mercedes CLS63 AMG is already a beauty by itself. However, tuner Carlsson pushed it beyond in its kit called the CK 63 RS. The performance changes made by the tuner were actually launched in IAA in Frankfurt. The 649HP and 900Nm torque upgrade premiered then, however, they are now altered its interior, by making it red which makes a great impact to how it looks because of the striking contrast to its white exterior paint. The kit is available in other colors, of course, depending on the customer’s taste. So if you want orange or yellow green it might be doable.


Carlsson C60 Royale Presented As A China-only Model

Taking their cue from the increased sales efforts of the big German manufacturers, European tuners have also begun to offer China-exclusive aftermarket updgrades. Carlsson is one of the latest tuners to join the fray, with the tuner establishing a presence in Shanghai. With the C60 Royale, Carlsson has established its bonafides in that important market in a big way. To the already luxurious and prestige-laden Mercedes S600, Carlsson has added a front lip, side skirts, new front and rear bumpers and oval exhaust pipes.  Together with these body mods, 20-inch wheels have been fitted, as well as a stainless steel front grille and replacement fog lights. Typical of the higher-end… Continue Reading »


Carlsson CK63 RS: Tuner’s Take on the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG

Car Tuner, Carlsson, uses the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG for their newest creation, the CK63 RS. A touch of sophistication in an impressive aerodynamic kit, that is what the CK63 RS is all about. The front spoiler lip is made of carbon fiber that adds a but of sporty look to this saloon car. The trunk lid also has carbon fiber spoiler, that gives a more stable holding even when running at high speeds. On the other hand, the hood’s inside contains the enhances CLS AMG 63 performance package, which is now producing a 649HP and 900Nm of torque, way more than the original’s 557HP and 800 Nm. Sprint time… Continue Reading »


Watch Out for Carlsson Smart fortwo Coupe at the Frankfurt Auto Show

Luxury comes in small package. Carlsson’s new project, the smart fortwo coupe, will be seen at the Hall number 5 of Frankfurt Auto Show this coming Thursday, September 15. The tuning company improved the car by putting LED daytimers and high quality aero kit. The car was lowered by 15 mm at the front, the rear at 35mm. Meanwhile, Carlsson, lent their exclusive alloy wheels of 6.5 x 17 front, and 7.5 x 17 rear, which gave the car a sport look. The quilted Nappa leather with Carlsson logos in the backrest and steering wheel added to the touch-up. The floor mats in soft suede with logo and aluminum levers… Continue Reading »


E-Class Cabriolet gets ‘wow’ factor from Carlsson

Being emotionally charged as it is, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class still has a lot of room for improvements in terms of aesthetics. This applies especially to the Cabriolet which women just can’t help loving. That’s part of the reason why Carlsson decided to come up with a tuning kit for the Cabrio to make it not only faster, but more appealing to the eyes. Carlsonn’s aerodynamic kit plus interior upgrades makes the Cabrio stand out from any angle. Couple it with a 20-percent bump in power and you’ll experience a whole new meaning to the term “topless pleasure”. Extra power comes from the ECU C-Tronic DIESEL POWER upgrade kit that is… Continue Reading »


Carlsson Module Boosts 350 CDI To 310 Hp

Carlsson is demonstrating that ECU upgrades are not limited to gasoline-engined cars. Piggybacking onto the Mercedes C-Tronic system used in Mercedes 350 CDI engines, Carlsson’s plug-in module increases output of the type MO642 engine from its base 265 to 310 horsepower. Topping that 45 horsepower increase in output is a 5% increase in fuel economy. This is getting the best of both worlds in terms of performance and fuel consumption. Additionally, peak torque is increased to 700 newton-meters from the original 620. These performance gains provide significant benefits for cars equipped with this engine. For example, the E-Class sedan’s 0-62 time is cut from 6.2 to 5.5 seconds. A company… Continue Reading »


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