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E-Class Superlight Arriving In 2015

Announced late last year, Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the E-Class Superlight will see the light of showrooms in 2015. In contrast to the 2013 SL which makes extensive use of aluminum to make it lighter, the E-Class Superlight will boast of a carbon fiber structure to achieve its target of being 350 kilos lighter than an E-Class made from today’s conventional materials. Due to the properties of carbon fiber, new design concepts can be pursued, such as doing away with the B pillars, which would in turn give way to the possibility, even necessity, of having an E-Class with rear suicide doors. In keeping with the new age, high-tech use… Continue Reading »


Superlight E-Class Planned For 2015

German magazine Auto Bild reports that a superlight version of Mercedes’ current E-Class is in the works. Using carbon fiber structures, the lightweight E-Class is projected to be 350 kilos or 770 pounds lighter than the regular model. If your experience with carbon fiber is with body panels only, there’s no need to be apprehensive about the safety aspects of a lightweight E-Class. Properly designed carbon fiber can be more rigid than steel and of course, is much lighter. This is the reason the top classes of motorsports use this material extensively, and exotic car makers such as Lamborghini have started using carbon fiber structural components in its latest models…. Continue Reading »


Kicherer Releases Carbon Fiber Series For Outgoing ML63 AMG

Despite the release of the new ML, the older version still has considerable life in it because of aftermarket tuners’ never-ending ideas for upgrades and makeovers. Tuner Kicherer has released a Carbon Series-designated ML63, which, as the name implies, is clad in carbon fiber, lots of carbon fiber. Actually, the carbon fiber look is a wrap, which is quite the rage for some segments of the aftermarket nowadays. To the new look, Kicherer adds black-finished 23-inch wheels. Complementing the take-no-prisoners look is a stainless steel sport exhaust, with a matching ECU remap to take advantage of the freer breathing. As a result, output has been lifted to 540 horsepower. This… Continue Reading »


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