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The New DTM Safety Car is the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Black Series

With the race starting on April 29, Mercedes-Benz has changed the DTM car to the 517HP producing coupe, making it the mightiest C-Class ever. But it is not only a power car, as mentioned, it is a safe car. With the changes on the DTM regulations made and decided by the German Motorsport Association, more safety features has been added to ensure compliance. The C63 AMG Black Series Coupe was driven around the track for a long time to determine its conditions and its adaptability to extreme weather conditions and accidents. With the well-being of the driver, spectators and marshals in mind, there was no other way to do it…. Continue Reading »


Bullit: The Fastest and Most Expensive C63 AMG by Brabus

Today, tuner Brabus announced the fastest and the most luxurious C-Class Coupe called Bullit. A body based on the C63 AMG but with an engine like no other. The V12 Biturbo engine that produces 800HP replaced the 6.3L V8 engine. It also has 1,420Nm of torque which helps the supercar to launch from 0 to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds and 200 km/h in 9.8 seconds. The top speed is at 370 km/h. The interior can be customized, as you can choose from Alcantara, leather and carbon fiber. Again, this is a luxurious car, thus it comes with a hefty price tag. €449,820. Watch the video of Bullit live from the… Continue Reading »


Video: The C63 AMG Tire Experiment

What happens if you put in a space saver tire (125) in a power car like the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG? With all the might that the car has, surely you would think that a “thin” tire will make it slip. Well, not with the C63 AMG. In this video, discover why Chris Harris said, “The greatest driving machine on the planet. The C63 AMG Coupe on space savers, might be the best handling car in the world!” As he said, “narrower tires equals fun. And on the streets, fun is better than speed.” Have fun with the video and don’t forget to listen to the C63 AMG roar.


Australians Buy Out C63 AMG Black Series

On the heels of the news that Mercedes beat BMW in North American sales last month comes another uplifting report, this time from the land down under. There, the entire allocation for the C63 AMG Black Series has been snapped up. Announced only in the first week of November and for delivery in April 2012, the overwhelming response has caught the local managers there by surprise. Says Richard Emery, General Manager Sales, Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, “I can’t say I’m surprised but we’re certainly overwhelmed by the quick response. We’ll continue to work with AMG to secure more vehicles as not only have we sold out of our C 63 AMG… Continue Reading »


C63 AMG Eye Candy by Wimmer RS

The German tuner, Wimmer RS mixed and match colors in their new tuning kit for the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. And this is not your ordinary vehicle. Under the hood it uses V8 engine that’s 6.2L, which delivers 601 HP and 720 Nm of torque. The already mean machine, has become meaner, thus, Wimmer RS put in a KW coilover suspension, a 19-inch alloy rims and MOV’IT brakes made of ceramics. All that inside the blue and green body, which made the car more interesting and well, made it an eye candy. Wimmer RS’ blue green monster is set to be showcased in Essen.


C63 AMG Coupe Is The Big Brother Of The New C-Class

While the C350 coupe is a highly competent car that will dish out acceptable performance, it is its evil twin, the C63 AMG that will make owners of competing cars quake in their driving shoes. This mutation gives lucky buyers a 6.3-liter mill that puts out 487 horsepower in a medium-sized bodyshell.  The power-to-weight ratio resulting from this unholy alliance should give even the most jaded driver a grin on his face. As a sleeper car, the 4-door C63 AMG was a perennial favorite to blow the doors off unsuspecting wannabes, while carrying a couple of friends along. However, the new C-Class’ lines are too beautiful to be ignored and… Continue Reading »


Modified C63 AMG Boasts Of 900 Horsepower

Car enthusiasts being what they are, it is not really a surprise when a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG owner decides that 450 horsepower is not enough. In this case, owner Keith Brantley contracted Modern Horsepower (MHP) to remake his C63 AMG. The resulting package, nicknamed the Red Brown Arrow, is touted to be the world’s fastest C63 AMG. To be able to lay claim to this title, MHP installed their Stage 3CMR Package, which reworks the naturally-aspirated V8 to enable it to develop 652 horsepower and 595 lb-ft of torque, for a gain of 201HP and 152 lb-ft over the production AMG C63. Not stopping there, the tuner also fitted a… Continue Reading »


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