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Brabus Turns Viano into the iBusiness 3D

German tuner is filling Benz vehicles with Apple stuff once again, much like they did last year to that mobile-office-version S-Class. Now they’re tweaking something on the opposite side of the spectrum: a Mercedes-Benz Viano multi-purpose passenger van. The Brabus-tuned Apple-laden vehicle is dubbed the iBusiness 3D. Brabus put some office furniture inside the spacious interior of the Viano, the same pieces that adorned the aforementioned S-Class. There is a couple of reclining, electric-powered luxury chairs that are finished in Bordeaux Red and Gray leather. The “3D” part of the name comes from the state-of-the-art 3D entertainment suite inside the car. There’s a Sony Bravia LED TV and a PlayStation… Continue Reading »


BRABUS 700 Biturbo Live at the Geneva Show

We’ve already given you the rundown on tuner extraordinaire BRABUS’ latest masterpiece, the BRABUS 700 Biturbo based off the Merc SLS AMG. Well, the wide-body sports car just made its official debut live at the Geneva Motor Show, taking its place amidst the bright lights and the best cars. In the live photos, we see the BRABUS 700 Biturbo spread open for the whole world to see—baring its B63 twin-turbocharged system that churns out 700 horsepower and 626 lb-ft of torque, along with the sporty interior inside the tuner’s familiar WIDESTAR body kit. The interior features include fine black and white leather, a new steering wheel and matte pedals and… Continue Reading »


BRABUS 700 Biturbo Set for Geneva Debut

It generates a whopping 700 horsepower, 626 lb-ft of torque and is wrapped in the trappings of the tuner’s WIDESTAR body—that’s the SLS AMG-based BRABUS 700 Biturbo, set to take center stage at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. BRABUS engineers have fitted the car with a new custom twin-turbocharger system on top of the SLS AMG’s standard 8-cylinder machine. Both of the tubrochargers have air diverter valves as well. There are also high-performance exhaust manifolds that allow for maximum flow of the exhaust gases. The specifically-developed turbochargers are made with left-turning chargers to eliminate the drawbacks of right-turning versions. This helps achieve the optimal gas dynamics and flow for the… Continue Reading »


Brabus To Present Its CLS Kit At Geneva

Tuners live for the day when new model releases are announced by their favorite manufacturers and in this, Brabus is no exception. With the release of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS, Brabus has developed a program for the 4-door Mercedes coupe which it will premiere at the Geneva Auto Show. As is typical with Brabus, all aspects of the vehicle have been reworked, from the aesthetic to the mechanical. What discriminating customers will first see is a body kit that hints subtly at aggression while maintaining the unique lines of the CLS. The distinctive body kit will be highlighted by 20-inch Monoblock rims available in different designs. Quad sport exhausts will… Continue Reading »


Brabus Shows Teasers for Geneva-Bound SLS and smart Ultimate

While the Geneva Auto Show is definitely an incredible showcase of upcoming stock vehicles, it also offers exposure for a wide range of aftermarket manufacturers, developers, and tuners. One such tuner is Brabus, which has just released a couple of images teasing what’s in store once the Geneva Show starts. The new Brabus Mercedes-Benz SLS, decked in matte gray in the teaser, is definitely going to be a beast. While the tuner hasn’t really provided any concrete details and specific info about the two vehicles it will unveil at the Geneva Auto Show, the teasers show enough drool-worthy stuff. There’s clearly plenty of carbon fiber enhancements on the exterior of… Continue Reading »


Brabus Whets Customer Appetites With Brabus CLS Preview

Brabus, one of the premier Mercedes-Benz tuners, has released preview pictures of its forthcoming CLS modification kit. With the release of the latest-generation CLS, it was only a matter of time before tuners came up with their own visions for the car. Brabus is one of the first companies out of the gate. Recall that Brabus’ version of the previous-generation CLS, called the Rocket, had a top speed of 365 kph and could do the 0-100 km/h sprint in 4 seconds. The 720 horsepower needed to generate these figures came from a Brabus-tuned twin-turbo powerplant. The new CLS has been endowed with AMG’s replacement for the 6.2-liter, which is a… Continue Reading »


BRABUS Releases First Tuned Car that Complies with Euro 6 Emissions Standard

Give it to BRABUS for always reinventing themselves. The German Mercedes-Benz tuner has just released the first tuned car that passes the future Euro 6 emissions standard, which will come into force in September 2014. That just means BRABUS is nearly four years advanced for the kind of eco-friendly vehicle the EU wants. The vehicle in question? The new Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTEC bundled with the tuner’s ECO PowerXtra D6S kit. Aside from being clean and green, the BRABUS S 350 also gets additional power and torque thanks to the performance kit. Power is up by 55 horsepower and torque now reaches peaks of 509 lb.-ft. Prospective buyers can also… Continue Reading »


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