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New Photo of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Now on the Internet

Everyone in the automotive industry is waiting for the photos of second generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class, and we thought we will be getting this on Wednesday this week. However, one front photo of the vehicle is already very visible in the Internet now. The interior design and specifications of the vehicle was already released last July, so everyone is really excited on how the exterior will look like. The new B-Class will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month and will surely capture the attention of people who are after convenience and versatility. For those who want more pictures of the second generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class, you can expect it… Continue Reading »


B-Class F-Cell Finds Calling At Stuttgart Airport

Daimler has announced that Stuttgart Airport has adopted its F-Cell B-Class cars as the “Follow Me” vehicle for aircraft taxiing around its runways. Although the F-Cell has a range of 400 kilometers, refueling is not a problem for these hydrogen vehicles, as a dedicated hydrogen refueling station had been established in a section of the airport. Actual drive comes from a 136 hp electric motor which is energized by a hydrogen/oxygen chemical reaction. The byproduct of the system is water, which makes it a very clean system. In consumption terms, its uses the equivalent of 3.3 liters of diesel per 100 km. States Walter Schoefer, MD of airport manager Flughafen… Continue Reading »


Baby Benzes Set To Conquer The World

Scheduled for production in 2013, Mercedes-Benz will be introducing the latest generation A- and B-class models. In the case of the A-Class, the new generation will see no less than seven body variations, which will be made available in all major markets, including the U.S. The A-Class platform will also serve the B-Class, which will see a crossover competitor aimed at BMW’s X1. Additionally, there will be CLC-class variants that will be in similar in size to Toyota’s diminutive Corolla. But before you think that Mercedes-Benz is moving downmarket, these German- and Hungarian-built baby Benzes will be considerably larger than the models that they will replace. Whereas the current A-class… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Previews Upcoming B-Class Interior

In a preview held of the results of brainstorming exercises held in Mercedes’ Advanced Design Center in Como, Italy, facets of the new interior for the upcoming B-Class were presented. Immediately noticeable was the fact that many of the detail elements previously reserved for the high-end vehicle segments were present in the new interior of the B-Class. For example, the dash that was stitched with ARTICO man-made leather may make it to production. Other high-class details like the large, three-dimensional decorative element spanning the entire dashboard can be observed, as well as a galvanised surface contrasting with a piano black background for the display panel that takes pride of place… Continue Reading »


New B-Class Details Outed

Mercedes-Benz has revealed some official technical info about the new B-Class family car line. The juicy tidbits include a more eco-friendly variant of the engine, and there will be a 4WD version along with a full complement of engines that run on different power sources. In addition, the new B-Class is said to come with a lower center of gravity thanks to new chassis architecture. This way, even the lower-end model will get a sporty treatment. Aside from that, there is also some new engineering found between the tray and the floor—something called “energy storing space” where batteries, fuel cells, and natural gas containers can be put into. This feature… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz B-Class Reaches 700,000 Sales

Before the future B-Class will be released in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, its current version, which was launched in 2005 is still hammering the sales. Since its release, the Mercedes- Benz B-Class has delivered more than 700,000 and reportedly, up until this year, the demand in the model is still strong, especially in China and Germany. 52,640 customers from around the globe opted to buy the current B-Class since January, posting a 26.8% increase from last year in which Germany got 1/3 of the sale, next is China then Italy. Despite the coming of the new B-Class just months from now, sales continues to soar. These results put… Continue Reading »


F-Cell World Drive Completes 30,000 Km Journey

Mercedes in Stuttgart welcomed its two globe-trotting B-Class F-Cell vehicles after the pair’s successful 30,000 km journey. A trio of B-Class F-Cell cars initially set off from the European continent but an accident last May resulted in one vehicle being left by the wayside. The drive went through four continents and 14 countries, and with this accomplishment, the German manufacturer has proved that hydrogen-fueled cars are as viable and reliable as other types of cars, and not just electric cars. What proved to be lacking was the infrastructure for hydrogen-fueled cars. Even Mercedes admits that this deficit will need to be addressed before hydrogen cars become a viable means of… Continue Reading »


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