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Chinese Car Market Will Grow by 8 Percent in 2014

A few decades ago, the streets of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou were dominated by bicycles. But now, people have ditched their bikes in favor of cars. Such is the demand of the Chinese car market now that major automotive companies worldwide are presently putting the country in their sights. Even luxury car brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi have shifted their focus on the Chinese car market due to its booming demand and very promising market. According to the China Car Times website, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) has predicted that the Chinese car market will grow by 8 percent this 2014. The association has based its assumption from… Continue Reading »


What Drives the Mercedes, Audi and BMW Race for Performance Supremacy

The three-way dance among the giant German luxury automakers namely Mercedes, Audi and BMW are not just about global sales and expansion. Aside from the sales aspect, the three are also engaged in a never-ending fight to outperform each other in terms of their car engineering. All three luxury car brands are embroiled in a battle to come up with the car that has the most horsepower, the fastest acceleration and the one that has the most high-end technology. The Driving Factor of Mercedes, Audi and BMW But what drives the three brands of luxury vehicles in trying to produce the fastest and the most high-end luxury cars considering that… Continue Reading »


BMW Tops Worldwide Luxury Car Sales but Mercedes is Closing In Fast

Despite the lead that Mercedes has in the US over its biggest rivals in the luxury car variant, namely BMW and Audi, it seems like it came up short in terms of worldwide luxury car sales against the two. According to Bloomberg, BMW has sold over 1.5 million of its “Ultimate Driving Machines” from January to November of 2013. The figures have overtaken Audi’s 1.44 million worldwide luxury car sales and Mercedes’ 1.32 million so far. In the majority of the months of 2013 leading to November, BMW has outsold Audi and Mercedes in seven months. Geographically, BMW dominated the Asian region despite Mercedes reigning in the US soil. In Europe,… Continue Reading »


Revealed: Ranking of Car Brands in Terms of Engine Reliability

Warranty Direct, the UK’s top provider of direct consumer warranties recently released the top brands of cars that are least and most likely to give you engine problems. The ranking was based on the company’s database which holds about 50,000 policies. Based from their records, German cars did not fare well against their Asian counterparts. They revealed that cars from Volkswagen, BMW and Audi are more prone to engine problems than the rest. Their database showed that Volkswagen’s rate of failure is 1 in 52 engines. BMW has 1 in 45 engines. On the other hand, Audi scored 1 in 27 engines. But Audi is not the worst yet because… Continue Reading »


AMG and Ducati Partnership Ends

After Audi announced that they have acquired Ducati from Investindustrial Group, AMG also released a short statement that it has ended its “marketing cooperation” with the motorcycle brand. This is not surprising, since Audi is a competitor of Mercedes-Benz. Some blogs speculated that Mercedes-Benz AMG bid to buy Ducati, however, the three-star brand cleared that it was never part of their plans, saying “Our focus lies clearly in developing and producing premium performance cars and we will be concentrating all our energy on this.” Here’s AMG’s official and brief statement: Since the end of 2010 a successful marketing cooperation has existed between AMG and Ducati. The company takeover by a… Continue Reading »


Vehicle Manufacturers Cooperate to Launch the Combined Charging System

The Combined Charging System is being presented by Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche and Daimler at the 15th International VDI-Congress and Exhibition and the Exhibition “Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles”. This will be starting on October 12 to December 13 and will happen at Baden-Baden. German vehicles are not the only ones participating on this even, as General Motors and Ford will also be there. The universal charging system that will be showcased in the exhibit will have all existing charging methods like fast three-phase AC charging, one-phase AC charging, DC charging at home or ultrafast DC-charging at public charging stations. In the event, attendees will be able to see the… Continue Reading »


TopGear: Supercar Fuel Economy Comparison Test

Top Gear is back again, and the 11th season is looking good. In their first episode, they decided to help folks out and do a fuel economy test. Well if you know Top Gear, you’ll know that this is no ordinary economy test. They put five supercars on the race track to see who can go further on 1 gallon of fuel. The cars: Lamborghini Murcielago, Audi R8, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Aston Martin DBS, and the Ferrari 599GTB


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