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The King’s Mercedes-Benz 600 Sells for £80,700

December 6 has come and gone, and so has the auction for the illustrious 1970 Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB limo formerly owned and pre-loved by none other than the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. The vintage piece of memorabilia was sold for a whopping £80,700 (around $127,350) at the Bonhams automobile auction held in Surrey, UK at Mercedes-Benz World. The highly sought-after vehicle was snagged by a collector from Germany. The powder blue Saloon Limousine was registered to Elvis himself, although he did give it away to one James Leroy Robertson, a friend, after owning the car for a couple of years. The fan club of The King even… Continue Reading »


Pink Smart Fortwo up for eBay auction

Raising money for an advocacy such as cancer awareness is always a good way to get publicity. And that’s exactly what a certain bunch of celebrities have done with the Smart Fortwo, or something like it. Sitting beside the limited edition Smart Fortwo Pink Passion is a huge patchwork made completely out of fabric, courtesy of donations from the celebrities themselves. It doesn’t matter whether they donated clothes that are worth more than the average yuppy’s salary. Whatever proceeds that the limited edition Fortwo earns, it’ll all be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign for the benefit of their breast cancer patient beneficiaries. Radio 1 disc jockey Sara Cox said… Continue Reading »


The King has left his limo… for auction.

Hey, are you an Elvis fan? It seems the King of Rock and Roll has left not only his legacy by way of his music and his daughter, but one of his most prized possessions as well—a 1970 Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB limousine—the very car that chauffeured the King himself around his extravagant destinations. Here’s the clincher, guys. The King’s vintage limo is being auctioned. By who? Well, none other than Bonhams, of course. It’ll be up for display at the year-end sale of Important Motor Car and Fine Automobilia. How special is this car? Well, let’s just say that this is one of the few motor cars that were actually… Continue Reading »


Historics Brookland to auction rare 280SE 3.5L Cabrio

Want to come face to face with a Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5L Cabrio (yep, it’s a long name for an old car!)? Then be at the upcoming auction event to be held by Historics at Brooklands. This car is just one of only 55 ever built, is right hand drive and should command around GBP 70,000 to 90,000 if the bidding’s good. Historics Brooklands says that this forecasted value is around ten times its original price tag, which was GBP 7,249. It was around the same time that a certain singer-songwriter named Janis Joplin coined the famous phrase ‘Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz’, this oldie was being built—the… Continue Reading »


Dannie and Kylie’s SLK230 for bidding at Bonhams

Anyone here fans of Kylie Minogue? Yes, the hot Australian artist who appeared on Street Fighter The Movie? Yes, that film was a flop, but you gotta’ give credit to Kylie. She looked hot in her military outfit—of sorts—and kept audiences glued to the film co-starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Well, there’s actually news that the singer is going to auction off a car her sister—Dannii Minogue—passed onto her, all for charity. Yes, she’s that generous. The car is a black SLK230 and it’s going to be put under the hammer at the Bonhams Auction House during the Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale this July 2. Now, hold your horses,… Continue Reading »


Famous cars up for bidding at Mecum Spring Classic

Are you in the business of collecting famous antiques? Well, then here’s a fine example. This 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE was used in the film The Hangover where three men and a husband-to-be drove all the way to Las Vegas for the groom’s bachelor party. And now, it’s for auction. Sounds like fun? It sure does. Along for the ride in the Mecum Spring Classic Auction are Cobras from Iron Man the Movie, Formula One cars from Charlie’s Angels (fake, of course), and, believe it or not, two, yes two Knight Rider KITTs. Awesome! Just to brief you in on the event, the Mecum’s Original Spring Classic Auction is held yearly… Continue Reading »


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