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Mercedes Seriously Pushes for QR Codes Integration in All Its Vehicles

QR codes are commonly used for marketing reasons. However, Mercedes, with its drive to provide more protection to the drivers and passengers of its autos, has taken the initiative to equip its latest cars with it. Daimler has revealed its plan to integrate QR codes in Mercedes and Smart models released all the way to 1990 as well. The codes will be offered under retro-fit options. In many cases, it will be given free of charge in Mercedes and Smart centers. Importance of QR Codes in Cars Since time is of the essence in emergency events involving cars, the QR codes of Mercedes aim to provide first responders at accidents… Continue Reading »


“New-Car Smell” to Blame for Man’s Mercedes-Benz Crash

I know of many people who simply love how a new car smells inside, as the fresh interiors’ and the unused upholstery’s aromas waft to their noses. This same “new-car smell,” however, is now said to be part of a crash involving a cyclist and a Mercedes-Benz sedan. The crash happened in Vail, Colorado last July and was reported all over the news. Martin Joel Erzinger, a 52-year old money manager who manages around $1 Billion worth of assets for a variety of clients, was driving his Mercedes-Benz when he hit Dr. Steven Milo, who was on his bike, from behind. Recent investigations have pinned the accident on a combination… Continue Reading »


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