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Merc Celebrates 125 Years at Amelia Island Concours

Last weekend, people were treated to the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance event, which included a number of eyecatching Mercedes-Benz vehicles old and new. The showcase was part of Mercedes-Benz’s celebrations for the 125th anniversaty of the automobile. There was a quartet of iconic Mercedes-Benz designs present at the exhibition, including the one that started it all: the 1886 motor car that Car Benz first patented 125 years previous. The 1908 Grand Prix car was also there, along with the 1935 500K Special Roadster and the 1958 180D Ponton. The new wave of Mercedes-Benz designs was also well-represented. The 2011 SLS AMG Gullwing stood beside the classics, as well as the… Continue Reading »


Daimler’s New Battery Tech Patent

At the 125 Years of the Automobile celebration kickoff, Daimler had announced that yet another technology patent had been granted to the automaker, some 80,000 patents after Carl Benz filed for the patent on the first automobile back in 1886. This new patent, presented by the German Patent and Trademark Office, is for a “bipolar flat-cell frame,” something touted to be a new battery technology breakthrough. Basically, this “bipolar flat-cell frame” allows lithium-ion batteries to be cooler, more efficient and more compact compared to the current batteries that are in use in today’s electric vehicles. This will certainly allow Daimler to fully industrialize lithium-ion batteries and make them more viable… Continue Reading »


Daimler to Shell Out 125M Euros for Employee Bonuses

It’s always nice to be an employee at a company that is celebrating a milestone. Take for example that leaked Christmas bonus thingy for Google employees, which was seen via an e-mail memo that circulated through the Internet. Now, Daimler AG will be spending a total of 125 Million euros (around $170 Million) to be given out as bonuses for the company’s 260,000 employees as part of its celebrations of the 125th birthday of the automobile. Employees are certainly going to enjoy the bonus, especially as they could end up receiving more than €480 (around $659) on average. That’s because some reports peg that the amount can be €1,000 each… Continue Reading »


Merc Presents Aesthetics 125 Sculpture

Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled a sculpture that highlighted the kick-off for the brand’s celebrations of the 125th birthday of the automobile. The sculpture, named “Aesthetics 125,” is said to be the embodiment of the Mercedes-Benz philosophy that states “design is art.” Fans and enthusiasts can look at the sculpture as a prelude of things to come, saying that Aesthetics 125 represents the direction toward which the company’s design language will be headed in the future. According to the automaker, the sculpture is a combination of the “elements of an automobile’s interior and exterior by means of sweeping, almost soaring shape transitions.” Using something called “innovative rapid-prototyping technology,” Mercedes-Benz was able… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Announces 125th Anniversary Campaign

Much has already been said about Mercedes-Benz’s planned celebrations for the 125th year of the automobile, with a wide range of events and festivities set to take place in Germany and the rest of the world starting this January 29th. With this, the German automaker has already announced a veritable avalanche of advertising—print ads, TV spots, online marketing and even a full magazine supplement—as part of its anniversary campaign. Here’s what one print ad copy tells the world: “125 years ago, we invented the automobile. Today, our passion for new ideas is as strong as ever, as we work on everything from electric drive systems to fuel cell technologies. Because… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Set to Unveil New Concept Car

As part of its celebrations for the 125th birthday of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz is set to showcase its newest concept car design. This was revealed to British automotive magazine Autocar by an insider source. What makes the unveiling even more exciting is that Mercedes-Benz has chosen to showcase the new design concept in sculpture form—much like the way the F800 concept (pictured) was revealed by the German automaker at the NAIAS or the Detroit Motor Show a year ago. Another entirely different design concept is set to go public at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held in the middle of September this year. The Autocar insider called… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz to Break Out Integrated Ad Campaign for New CLS

As Mercedes-Benz prepares for the celebration of the automobile’s 125th birthday on January 29, the German automaker has revealed that it will also launch its integrated advertising campaign for the new CLS coupe. The automaker is keen on putting the CLS on the forefront of consumers’ awareness, with the campaign encompassing practically all types of media. You’ve got a TV spot, extensive print ads, pre-roll ads and even some Internet-based marketing. To engage the people, there are also some interactive marketing activities in store for those who eagerly await the CLS. Of course, there’s the omnipresent TV ad, which shows just how alluring the new CLS is. Films showing online… Continue Reading »


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