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Anderson Germany gets their hands on the Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG Black Edition

Tuners are hard at work it seems in their craft. The latest Mercedes-Benz ramification comes from Anderson Germany with their version of the Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG Black Edition. Theirs features an engine upgrade that involves specialized computer software optimization, sports air filter, plasma-coated exhaust system with racing catalytic converters, and larger accessory pulleys to bump power up to 670hp. The vinyl-wrapped appearance gives the car that novel image just begging for aggression and respect at the same time. Well, Anderson Germany prefers to call it satin matte deluxe/black. The kit also includes a jet-black carbon exterior packet that consists of an external mirror, window frames, front grille, door handles,… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Geared to Present Latest Safety Features

Mercedes-Benz is geared to present their latest safety systems this autumn. The said safety systems intensely restrains cars from straying into the path of other vehicles on the road. Based on the review of, it stated that the new feature is a development of what is already available. Presently, Mercedes-Benz provides blind-spot and lane-change alerts that warn the driver if the car is about transfer into the path of another vehicle coming up behind, or drift inadvertently into another lane. Based on the review, the great difference with the latest active systems is that they administer the brakes on one side of the car to put it back to… Continue Reading »


Superchips presents remapped ECU for C350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY

The Brits really got it going on with their tuning prowess as Superchips presents their latest take on the Mercedes-Benz C350 CDi BlueEFFICIENCY. They have now released a remapped ECU boosting power up by 34 bhp and 80 Nm. The new ECU is applicable to all variants of the C, E, M and R and S-Class models, and has been verified through intense road, chassis and dyno testing. The Superchips ECU will give you an additional 34 bhp at 3,008 rpm, thus giving you a maximum power of 284 bhp, as opposed to 250 bhp in stock form. But unlike most ECU’s that bump the power while sacrificing drivability, Superchips… Continue Reading »


Entire S-Class range now rolls with Bang & Olufsen

Want more bang for your buck? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Mercedes-Benz’s entire S-Class range is now going to feature Bang & Olufsen’s audio system. Yes, it’s true, and it shall start in September of this year. Bang & Olufsen’s 15-speaker, 1200 Watt system used to be an exclusive feature on the S-Class AMG variant. Being one of the world’s best car audio equipment manufacturers, the Danish brand is widely recognized for being an exclusive feature on high-end premium vehicles. Their audio system offers incredible sound and visuals to everyone in the vehicle, thus creating the best kind of listening and watching environment possible. The system showcases incredible… Continue Reading »


The new CL 63 and CL 65 AMG

Here’s a sizzling update to the recently revealed 2011 CL-Class. Mercedes-Benz has just given to the press fresh images and lively details of the future CL 63 AMG and CL65 AMG models. Now, if you’re no stranger to AMG and Mercedes-Benz, you’ll know that this pair spells out high performance. Well, not in the super car realms of the SLS AMG, but enough to take the flagship pole in the company’s line of premium passenger vehicles. There’ve been a lot of rumors that Mercedes-Benz might drop the old ’63’ badging and use numbers that are representative of the new engine displacements to be put under the hood. However, as these… Continue Reading »


Finally, the 2011 CL-Class

Fellow Mercedes afficionados, lend us your ears! For we bring you news and fresh photos of the latest 2011 CL-Class, courtesy of the Mercedes-Benz USA media website. The design, whose style will hook your very eyes, features extremely sophisticated and profound, dagger-like technology. Truth behold, the new CL-Class will take its throne as the flagship vehicle of all premium vehicles. With Mercedes-Benz’s twin turbocharged V8, capable of maxing out at 429 hp in stock form, offers as much as 10 to 15 percent in fuel economy, while working with at least 23% less carbon dioxide emission. Meanwhile, the CL550 4MATIC variant presents an even bigger surprise, as it’s set to… Continue Reading »


Spy cam: The 2011 S-Class Coupe AMG

Every fan of four wheels and an engine has a hidden desire to own, or at least drive, a Mercedes-Benz. Admit it, you’re one of those millions who’ll gladly give up your pony in exchange for some fine German-engineered piece of hardware, most especially so if it’s an S-Class. Well, then hows about an AMG version of the S-Class. Or better yet, in its latest, yet-to-debut form. The S-Class CL is no more, folks. Meet the up-and-coming S-Class Coupe. It’s Mercedes-Benz’s top-of-the-line full-bodied two-door coupe with a twist of AMG magic. And by that, we don’t mean no fantasy performance specs either. This is the real deal folks, and if… Continue Reading »


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