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Mercedes-Benz Sales Increases 17 Percent in July

This July 2010 has yet proved to be another achievement for the German carmaker Mercedes-Benz, who recorded a 17 percent rise in sales, or a total of 97,700 units sold. This is the ninth successive month in which Mercedes records a double-digit upsurge in sales. This means that since the start of 2010, the overall number of new Mercedes vehicles have resulted to 654,400 units sold, a boost of 16 percent in contrast to the same time frame last 2009. Based on Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales and Marketing vice president, Joachim Schmidt, the company’s sales figures maintain its rise followed by the flourishing first half of the year, the second half… Continue Reading »


R-Class crossover sells nine times as many this year

With all the fuss on sales increase across the board for all Mercedes-Benz product ranges, one model line outshines the rest in sheer figures—the R-Class crossover. Why? Well, simply because it went up to 314 units sold up till July of 2010 as compared to a mere 36 in the same period last year. We’re talking about a nine-fold increase here, folks, and not merely percentages. The R-Class crossover is currently being produced in Mercedes-Benz’s Vance plant. Now, if you sum up all the sales last month of all 3 models being made in Vance, you’ll get a figure that’s way beyond the average sales of all Mercedes-Benz plants around… Continue Reading »


The 2011 R-Class facelifted

People buy cars for different reasons—some for mere aesthetics, others for sporty performance—while others for mere comfort. Put all three and you get the characteristics of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Of course, if you’re both a wife of a busy CEO and the mother of three wonderfully active tenderfoots, then you’ll be better off driving an MPV—short for Multi-Purpose Vehicle—so they’ll have enough space to run about. Just make sure they’re strapped securely when you’re mobile. Put both words—Mercedes-Benz and MPV together—and you get the R-Class. The 2011 model gets a redefined and totally aggressive front end, a smoother rear end and an attractive and totally teched out gauge cluster. A… Continue Reading »


2010 Mercedes-Benz M and R-Class Grand Edition

Two new models are enhancing the Mercedes-Benz model port-folio in spring 2010. The new-generation R-Class can be ordered now, with an entry-level price of Euro 42,100*. With a total of nine basic versions, this attractive, multi-talented series offers the widest model range in the premium touring saloon segment. The M-Class Grand Edition is entering model year 2011 with a price advantage of up to Euro 2670*. This exclusive variant of the company’s bestselling premium SUV, more than 1 million of which have been sold to date, has a number of attractive, additional features which make this model even more desirable. The new-generation R-Class has the appearance of being cast from… Continue Reading »


Eurocopter EC145 with a “Mercedes-Benz Touch” unveiled today

Daimler revealed today that they have recently formed the Mercedes-Benz Style division.  This new division is a special unit that will handle adding the Mercedes fashion to some transportation related products, everyday lifestyle products and even adding some Mercedes touch to furnitures.  Based on the statement by the head of design at Mercedes-Benz, Gorden Wagener, they have agreed to put up the Mercedes-Benz styling outside of the automotive world.  Presently, they have received positive reactions from famous manufacturers in a wide variety of fields.   According to Wagener, the very first item that is handled by the new unit is the Eurocopter EC145.  This said helicopter that has been “Mercedes Fashioned”… Continue Reading »


New York 2010: The 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-class. Cosmopolitan mom likes.

Even the rich and famous can be soccer moms. Just in case you’re looking for a luxurious van to transport your team of tenderfoots, and you’ve gots the money to spend, consider the ever-reliable Mercedes-Benz R-class. Mercedes-Benz is currently looking into unveiling the latest of R-class in the 2010 New York auto show. So what has changed since the 2010 model? Well, not much, save for heavy exterior design changes that give the 2011 model a lot more testosterone than its predecessor. A large and deep front grille and rhomboid headlamps to replace the traditional standing ellipses give the upcoming R-class a bolder, yet sophisticated look. Just in case you’re… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the highest value retention

Four Mercedes-Benz models have the lowest depreciation in their segment, and can justifiably call themselves the “Value retention champions 2010” – the E, C, S and R-Class. These are the findings of analyses carried out each year by the Saarbrücken-based market research institute Bà¤hr & Fess Forecast on behalf of the motoring magazine “Auto Bild”. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are therefore generally have the highest value retention, and offer a significant economic advantage. According to the residual value forecasts of the market researchers, the new E-Class will be the saloon with the highest resale value of all large coupes when it is four years old. The E 250 CDI will still command… Continue Reading »


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