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Four Mercedes-Benz Vans Rallye Teams Join Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles

The Mercedes-Benz Vans Rallye Team had a special guest as they went off to join the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. The Mercedes-Benz Vans head Volker Mornhinweg personally saw the team off and wished them success in the rallye. The team is represented by women employees of the luxury car manufacturer, craftswomen, and Lina Van de Mars, a TV moderator. The women employees of Daimler went through a qualification process and have proven their off-road skills last year. Lina Van de Mars, a TV moderator from Germany, is a highly-skilled driver and motor sports enthusiast. She will be driving in the event for the first time. Two winners of a magazine-sponsored… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Vans Top Arctic Van Test

The Mercedes-Benz Citan, Vito, and Sprinter recently showed that they can endure even the most extreme conditions recently. The Citan and the Vito were tested an Arctic Van Test that was held in Finland while the Sprinter drove through the North America until Alaska. The Arctic Van Test saw the Mercedes-Benz Citan outshining its rivals in its category. The Mercedes-Benz van combines comfort, handling and safety to achieve a remarkable driving performance. The vehicle was able to perform well even after temperatures dropped below 25 degrees Celsius. The Mercedes-Benz Vito was also able to outperform other compact vans in the Arctic Van Test. The victories of the two vehicles confirm… Continue Reading »


50 Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL Vans Ordered by Danish Postal Service

The largest order for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL panel vans in Europe was just made by Post Danmark. A total of 50 units of the battery-powered electric vans will be delivered for the Danish postal service over the next few months. Considering that Denmark was among the seven markets targeted in Europe by Mercedes-Benz Vans during its field tests right after the vans hit the market, this is definitely a huge contract for Mercedes-Benz Danmark. “We are delighted about this major order from Scandinavia,” said Mercedes-Benz Vans Sales and Marketing chief Klaus Maier. “The successful conclusion of the contract with Post Danmark underscores just how ably our Vito E-CELL has… Continue Reading »


Gaggenau Plant Produces It 5 Millionth Transmission

Five million. By any measure, whether it be sales, currency or units produced, it’s a significant number. All the more so when you’re talking about Mercedes transmission units, which are not a mere collection of casings, forks and gears. The precision work required to produce components that need to withstand hundred of pounds of torque and yet last decades means that quality is a foremost concern. Recognized as a competence center in the Mercedes production network, the Gaggenau plant is tasked with producing three types of manual transmissions. The first is for the A- and B-Class cars that leave the assembly line in Rastatt and Kecskemet in Hungary. The are… Continue Reading »


Female Mercedes Employees Moonlight As Rally Drivers

Placing first in class last year gave the impetus for Mercedes and a group of its female employees to enter for the third year in a row the “Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc”. Covering a distance of 2500 kilometers, this desert rally takes place in Morocco and consists of seven stages. Rather than garnering fastest times, winners are determined by which team is able to cover the shortest distance between checkpoints – without the aid of GPS units, cellphones or any other electronic aids. Even binoculars are banned. For the 2012 entries, Daimler has entered three vans: two Vitos and one Sprinter. The new generation Vito models have been modified… Continue Reading »


Perfect Partner Campaign Highlights Mercedes Vito Van

BenzInsider fan and creative artist Tom Ward recently called to our attention a couple of videos he and his team put together to portray the Mercedes Vito Van as the perfect partner for industry and commerce. In the video entitled Courier, a delivery man is shown becoming agitated over a bird dropping. With utter disregard for the packages in his care, this courier rummages over the contents of the packages in order to find a suitable rag to wipe away the filth on his Vito’s windshield. Satisfied over his handiwork, the courier leaves the packages strewn by the roadside to step back into his beloved Vito. Another video, titled Builders… Continue Reading »


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