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Your Search for Tyres has come to an End!

When it comes to buying cheap wheel and tyre packages online and receiving the highest standards in customer service, it all seems like one big oxymoronic fairy tale, doesn’t it? For as long as wheel shops have been in existence, cheap tyres and world class customer service certainly have not gone hand-in-hand. The fact is, most of you who receive superior quality products to fit onto your vehicle have paid a premium price to receive the good stuff. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” seems to apply nicely to the auto parts industry. However, what if there were a place where you could find the top wheel… Continue Reading »


Texting and Driving: The Horrifying Statistics

Most states now have some form of laws banning texting while driving and the issue receives a lot of public attention. However, many still ask if it is really such a big deal. Surely, they reason, texting cannot be so distracting that it would make them get into accidents. In order to address such questions, the following statics reveal just how deadly it can be for anyone to let himself or herself fall prey to the temptation to text behind the wheel. Numbers Don’t Lie   In 2011, 23% or more of all traffic accidents involved cell phones. This equates to an astounding 1.3 million crashes that year alone. One… Continue Reading »


McLaren Mercedes SLR

  McLaren and Mercedes came together in the year 2003 and produced this absolute monster of a vehicle. The McLaren Mercedes SLR has garnered very positive reviews throughout the automotive world. Although they ceased production in 2010, the legacy of this spectacular vehicle will live on for generations. Lets have a look at the specifications and reviews of the vehicle and find out what made it such a timeless classic. Production The McLaren Mercedes SLR was built at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, United Kingdom. Under the guidance of Mercedes expertise and McLaren’s Antony Sheriff, the car was made to be extremely fast, agile and planted to the road… Continue Reading »


Toughest Challenges Associated With Fleet Management

  Does your business rely on a fleet of vehicles to sell a product or service?  Many companies have a large fleet, and it can be challenging to maintain a successful one. If you are a fleet manager, you probably deal with several problems each day. Although every fleet is a little bit different, the following challenges seem to be the same across industries. Many say they are some of the toughest problems to overcome on the job.   Information Overload   There is countless data available for fleet managers, and it can be time consuming to go through it. Since this data is so helpful, it is important to… Continue Reading »


Keep Your Head: What to Do If You Crash Your Mercedes

Crashing a Mercedes is a nightmare scenario that we’d all pay good money to avoid. Aside from the pain of witnessing this pinnacle of German engineering lying in a crumpled heap, there’s also the danger that you, a passenger or another driver could be seriously injured. Despite the UK boasting one of the best road safety records in the world, estimates suggest 730,000 people are injured in road accidents every year, with five people a day killed on Britain’s roads. Although you probably imagine yourself as an overly cautious driver, there may come a time when you write off your E-Class or veer off a verge in your Viano –… Continue Reading »


What Should You Consider When You Choose A Brand New Mercedes?

This is a question that most of us have no idea how to answer. We are not mechanics so it should come as no surprise to see the various misconceptions that exist. The infographic offered by Gumtree tries to give a much needed helping hand for shoppers in the UK and from all around the world. It is really helpful for any vehicle purchase, including that brand new Mercedes that you have been dreaming about. This is because of the stats that are highlighted. For starters, you will be told how much you need to spend on an average for a new car and on a used car, thus highlighting… Continue Reading »


How to Prepare Your Old Mercedes for a DMV Inspection

  Inspections are an important part of ensuring the safety of drivers, but they can also be nerve-wracking to everyone involved. If you’re anxious about the upcoming inspection of your old Mercedes, here are five tips to pass it with flying colors: 1. Have Your Mercedes Checked by a Mechanic Before anything else, have your old Mercedes checked by a reliable mechanic. Ensure that its components, especially the engine, filters and exhausts, are clean. Most importantly, see to it that it is safe to drive and in good running condition before your scheduled inspection. You don’t want your car to break down on your way to DMV, or worse, screw… Continue Reading »


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