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Things to Look Out for When Choosing Mercedes-Benz Cars Online

We’re huge supporters of all the online tools available to prospective buyers. We like anything and everything that can help people make well-informed decisions, and there aren’t that many bigger decisions than when purchasing a car. No matter if you’re going for a brand-new or a second-hand model, you need to be keen on the stuff you need to look out for when choosing from online sources. Here are some items you might want to note: Inspections Some sites, like Motorpoint in London, already make it a point to make sure that all the units in their inventory are given pre-delivery inspections. This should go for both new and used… Continue Reading »


Selling your Mercedes-Benz

There might come a point in a car owner’s life when the car must be let go. It’s never easy selling off your baby, but this could happen for a number of reasons—budget concerns, moving out, funds for a brand-new car, et cetera. What more if you’re letting go of a Mercedes-Benz? You’re lucky if you already know someone who’s willing to take on your ride. If a friend or an acquaintance buys your car, you at least have some measure of satisfaction because you know the person. You might even see or get to ride on the car from time to time! Of course, that might not always be… Continue Reading »


Car Comparison App Tools Help You Make More Informed Decisions

We live in tough times, no question about that. While things are looking up from a financial standpoint, economies still aren’t all that stable. These days, it’s even more important to carefully consider every aspect involved in a purchasing decision—particularly if you’re out to buy something as pricey as a new car. It’s a good thing that we live in the information age, where fast broadband Internet rules and people can look up just about anything online even when they’re on the go. For example, there are all these car comparison app variants, which can be accessed through web-based tools or via actual mobile apps for smartphones and tablet computers…. Continue Reading »


How to Save on Your Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance

A quick scan of the news will show you that a ton of vehicular accidents and car crashes happen everywhere. Heck, even soccer star David Beckham was involved in one recently. This is why car insurance is an important thing for motorists. When you’re riding around in a nifty Mercedes-Benz, it’s even more important to get your insurance provider right to ensure proper coverage and get yourself some neat savings. Make those safety systems count Luxury vehicles can cost a bit to ensure, so you need to save up where you can. Mercedes-Benz cars are equipped with the latest and greatest safety systems, including driver assistance technologies and passive safety… Continue Reading »


The quick guide to buying a used car in South Africa

The quick guide to buying a used car in South Africa Car workers in South Africa recently ended a three-week strike and returned to work following the acceptance of an altered wage offer from car giants including Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen. Workers were asking for wage increases up until 2015, plus allowances for night shifts and transport. South Africa now faces strikes by car dealers and dealers of spare parts. The strike affected the supply of new cars in the country, with carmakers finding it difficult to keep up with demand after the action cut off the supply of parts. If there is a shortage of new cars on the… Continue Reading »


Here’s what you need to check when buying a used Mercedes-Benz car

It’s no secret that Mercedes-Benz has been doing pretty well in terms of unit sales, posting record monthly figures consistently. Still, with overall new-vehicle sales figures still on the cusp of recovery, used cars remain a popular avenue for prospective buyers. Mercedes-Benz’s used cars continue to be popular with buyers, even as the used-car market looks to stabilize after a blistering run in terms of prices and demand. As much as I’m sure we would all love to own the latest S-Class straight off the production line, for many of us, reality suggests it just won’t happen. But, for those of us who are buying second hand, there is some… Continue Reading »


Is having three children any different to having two?

Apart from the obvious need for a bit more time and perhaps another pair of hands, what are the main differences between having two children and having three? Space The additional space required when you have three children depends on quite a number of things. The age of your children, whether you have boys or girls and to a certain extent, their personalities, are just some of the aspects that may dictate what your family needs in the way of space. Regardless of whether you have boys, girls, or a mixture, it may be best to have them in separate bedrooms once they reach secondary school. This is not always… Continue Reading »


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