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Is having three children any different to having two?

Apart from the obvious need for a bit more time and perhaps another pair of hands, what are the main differences between having two children and having three? Space The additional space required when you have three children depends on quite a number of things. The age of your children, whether you have boys or girls and to a certain extent, their personalities, are just some of the aspects that may dictate what your family needs in the way of space. Regardless of whether you have boys, girls, or a mixture, it may be best to have them in separate bedrooms once they reach secondary school. This is not always… Continue Reading »


Used Mercedes-Benz Cars Should Remain Popular

For a while now, Mercedes-Benz sales figures have been pretty good, with the German automaker getting some nifty record months, generally just selling a lot of cars all over the world. It’s a sign of economic recovery, although there’s still a lot going on globally as far as economies are concerned. That’s why it comes as no surprise that some analysts are still predicting an overall decline in new-car sales. A more stable economy isn’t driving down the demand for used cars, with the UK’s British Car Auctions pegging the market at around $61.3 billion over there.  Meanwhile, results from used-car chains are supporting the upward trend in the US… Continue Reading »


Gearing up your B-Class for a long Autumn Journey

Though some people buy their Mercedes B-Class for its excellent safety record, family orientated interior and spacious boot, there is of course another reason to buy one, and that’s to take it on a road trip. Although the back end of summer and beginning of autumn offers relatively little reason to embark on a road trip across Europe, there is of course Okterberfest. And Oktoberfest is one amongst many very good reasons to go on a road trip. After all, if you’re travelling from the likes of London, it’s only 570 miles away. With that in mind however, what precautions or modifications do you have to take before heading off… Continue Reading »


Mercedes CLS Class offers style, comfort and engineering excellence

Initially launched in 2004, the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class combines stunning beauty, impressive performance and unrivalled elegance. While its sleek styling is reminiscent of a sports coupe, the level of refinement and addition features mean it is one of the best executive saloons money can buy. Styling  The car’s streamlined form benefits from flowing and distinctive lines running from an aggressive front end to a taut rear quarter. Even though the CLS has masculine undertones, it is remarkably well groomed with distinctive LED headlights and frameless side windows. Flared wheel arches underline the car’s coupe characteristics, with a low and slick roof also contributing to the CLS’ sporty feel.  Performance  The CLS… Continue Reading »


Preparing Your Mercedes M-Class for a Winter Journey

Although the majority of people enjoy embarking on road trips throughout the summer, sometimes the greatest fun is to be had in the winter. As anyone with a Mercedes M-Class will know, getting out into the world, sometimes during the most adverse weather conditions, can be one of the most thrilling experiences that a car can offer. With that in mind however, what exactly should you do to prepare your car for the journey ahead?   Within the engine As we all know, winter can bring with it vast amounts of mud. It is important therefore, that before you begin your journey, you clean around the engine, including underneath the hood. This is… Continue Reading »


The most dangerous cars in the world

Did you ask yourself why Mercedes-Benz cars are so darn expensive. Well I think the graphic below will not only explain that, but will also be able to tell you why driving a Mercedes-Benz is worth every penny. The amount of money Mercedes and other luxury brands spend on R&D to protect their drivers is enormous. Take a look at the most dangerous cars ever built. Via:


The Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon and Porsche Cayenne Turbo Compared

The Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon and Porsche Cayenne Turbo have different shapes but follow the same blueprint: they’re cargo haulers with a virile twin turbo V8 engine, upgraded brakes, and as much in the way of tyres as you’d ever want. More detail of the two can be found if you compare cars at The Interiors The Cayenne has a more pleasing interior than the E63, although there’s a severe case of button pox and the optional shift lever resembles a large, funky alien head. The E63 keeps switches to a minimum. A reviewer for, oft-described as the source of Australia’s most comprehensive automotive coverage, said it would… Continue Reading »


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