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New BlueTEC engine and cutting-edge safety systems for the S-Class

The S350 is a fine vehicle. And it’s made even better with its BlueTEC engine. This car has both safety and comfort sprawled all over it and the performance of a super car. Powered by a V8 that uses fuel like a mid-sized sedan, it’s one of the most efficient, yet sizable and agile, premium cars there is. Its EPA has been improved to 6.8 litres per 100 kilometers, bumping up effiency by 0.8 liters from the previous model. It also exhales less carbon dioxide emission by as much as 11 percent less than its predecessor, from 199 to 177 grams per kilometer. With efficiency well-established, the BlueTEC engine is… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Berlin Produces 1 Millionth V6

Mercedes Benz made public that it has accomplished a significant milestone for its Berlin facility, which is also the oldest plant owned by the Daimler group as its 1 millionth V6 engine came off the assembly lines. According to Harald Wolf, Mayor of Berlin, who was present at the ceremony held at the plant, the Berlin engine plant has been a very important part of Berlin’s industrial landscape, and also a significant player in the business world for many years. Additionally, Berlin is very optimistic to a long-lasting positive impact on the region. The event was of special significance for the German carmaker, who called to the plant manager Thomas… Continue Reading »


EvoBus Ib̩rica reaches new milestone Р10,000th chassis

Are you fond of riding in buses? Well some people are, while most don’t have a choice, especially in Spain. And so, Mercedes-Benz is doing its part in providing comfortable transportation to the needy commuters in Spain through EvoBus Iberica. Established in 1998, EBI is the Spanish subsidiary of Daimler Group’s EvoBus GmbH. For more than a decade, this company has been dedicated to producing world-class buses for countries such as Spain. And they’re now proud to pronounce the handing over of their latest platform to major bus operator, Sanfiz S.L. EBI is committed to manufacturing state-of-the-art chassis for different types of buses, namely for rural and urban service, mini… Continue Reading »


2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class spy shots

Mercedes-Benz is projected to release a new line of engines and cosmetic improvements later this year to one of its best selling cars, the C-Class. New undercover photos reveal that the majority of the visual exterior modifications will go to the front bumper. Earlier representations of the C-Class sedan and C-Class coupe present a revised Merc’s potential styling.  Mercedes also presented new very efficient direct-injected diesel and petrol engines for the current C-Class line; the new BlueTec diesel engines are also expected to join the line-up. Last week, Mercedes-Benz revealed a pair on new 3.5 liter V6 and 4.6 liter V8 engines, both of which operates under direct injection and… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz introduces BlueTec EEV in buses

The race is on for zero emissions, and Mercedes-Benz is leading the pack in the bus segment. Taking things a step further from Euro 5 emission standard compliance, MB has now upgraded their buses with EEV technology. EEV, which stands for Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle, dramatically improves a vehicle’s emissions without having to add any additional exhaust filter. EEV technology effectively reduces particle emissions by as much as one-third, a giant leap from previous versions. Past versions of the EEV featured SCR technology, which stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction, plus a diesel particulate filter in the exhaust line to cut down as much emissions as possible. The current EEV is… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Trucks to strengthen market dominance with production plant in Turkey

When you’ve got things going for you, it just seems right to keep doing what you’re doing till it comes full circle. That’s exactly what Mercedes-Benz Trucks aims for by localizing production in Aksaray, Turkey, their number three country in terms of sales market share. Right now, there is a great demand for heavy duty, long-distance road haulage trucks in Turkey’s premium truck segment. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is looking to fill that demand by setting up shop in Aksaray to further establish market dominance of their flagship vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz Actros. Mercedes-Benz Trucks currently holds a 41.1 percent market share in the heavy-duty trucks segment. With the construction of the Aksaray… Continue Reading »


Two Mercedes-Benz Hybrid Buses to be field tested in Hamburg

It arrives with hardly a sound and then drives away from the bus stop without the usual loud engine noise one expects to hear from a bus. It then continues in this manner at several more stops along its route. Passengers in downtown Hamburg who report such an experience in the future will obviously be talking about the Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid, two units of which have been acquired for a field test by the Hamburger Hochbahn public transport company. The two articulated hybrid buses were handed over today to Hamburger Hochbahn Chairman Günther Elste by Michael Gà¶pfarth from EvoBus GmbH, in the presence of parliamentary state secretary Enak… Continue Reading »


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