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Hydrogen powered Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell prepares for leasing

Take a look at one of the latest fuel alternative cars that will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the F-Cell fuel-cell vehicle by Mercedes Benz. Around a hundred units of this Mercedes-Benz-B-Class Fuel Cell Car will be for lease in California by December of this year. At the car show event, the lease price will be announced and speculations have it to be anywhere between six and eight hundred dollars. What runs the F-Cell fuel-cell vehicle is a 136 horsepower electric motor powered by 3.7 kilograms of hydrogen in tanks pressurized at 10,150 psi with a 35-kilowatt lithium-ion battery under the floor. It is said to be that… Continue Reading »


2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Details Revealed

The compact car market is quite difficult to please and Mercedes Benz has realized this with its B-Class and plans to come out with three B-Class variants for the US market. Having more options or choice for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class should be more appealing to customers. Mercedes Benz has a new platform called MFA where the B-Class will be developed with front-wheel drive on a unitized body construction (unibody) that is cheaper to manufacture compared to the sandwich structure. It is highly possible that the A-Class, as well as with their small sedans and SUVs, will also be developed on the same platform. The next generation 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class… Continue Reading »


Renntech C74 Fitted with Akrapovic Exhaust for C63 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is a great car and RENNtech, an American aftermarket specialist, has come up last month with an equally great modification kit – the ‘C74’. A new exhaust from Akrapovic has a video presentation that shows the potential of their creation that has a 43 pound/19.5kg reduction in weight. The titanium Akrapovic exhaust of the Power War fighter gives a torque output of 12HP and 16lb-ft/21.7Nm to boost! The modifications with the new exhaust included in the C74 pack are Full Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit, Front Splitter, Rear Spoiler, and Rear Diffuser integrated Exhaust Tips. It also has Nitto INVO Performance Tires, 275 / 30 / CR… Continue Reading »


Is AMG considering full takeover of Ducati?

The announcement of the AMG and Ducati partnership at the LA Auto Show is getting to be more interesting! A rumor that came up lately was for AMG considering making a full takeover of Ducati, which will mean a lot more than just a partnership for the MotoGP! On our last blog post, we were wondering how long the partnership will last and at this point “insiders” are suggesting already a possible full takeover! Well, it seems that an AMG-Ducati inspired two-wheeler is not far from becoming a reality – combining two high performance technologies is better than one. Competitors of Ducati have their own brand motorcycles and cars who… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Benz GLK Diesel on the way

Diesel engine cars are becoming a preference to a good number of people because of its economy in fuel consumption as well as much quieter engine operation. Mercedes-Benz USA President Ernst Lieb was quoted as saying that the 2012 GLK will also be available with a 2.2-liter Bluetec diesel. It will cost a few thousand dollars more than its gasoline powered counterpart. The good thing is that the fuel economy of the diesel engine will be able to offset that premium amount on top of the gas powered version over in the long run. The use of the Bluetec diesel engine will not be limited to the GLK models, according… Continue Reading »


AMG and Ducati announce partnership for MotoGP efforts

Changing from one partner to another normally does not sound good, but the announcement of the AMG and Ducati going into partnership for the Ducati Moto-GP sounds very interesting! Adding more spice to that is Moto-GP nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi signing up with Ducati! (Wait a minute – does this mean he could be doing some test drives on a silver arrow?) The Italian two-wheel manufacturer is not as big as its main competitors in the Moto-GP but is always near the top to give them a run for their money, hopefully a good move for Rossi! The partnership could also hinge on for a better market share in… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell coming to the U.S.

Information about this car of the near future is important as it could tell what other cars would follow suit, after Mercedes Benz introduces the first fuel cell powered electric car produced for the U.S. market. The Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell will be at the LA Auto Show with its advanced technology. Daimler board member for Group Research and Development, Thomas Weber, mentioned that the A-Class F-CELL trial fleet has covered more than 580,000 kilometers in practical operation. Their experience on this will be the key for them to build on the latest fuel cell drive electric cars. As of now, there are 70 units of B-Class F-CELL cars, twice more… Continue Reading »


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