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Mercedes-Benz new AMG engine combines power with fuel efficiency

Riding on the current wave of fuel- and carbon-efficient but powerful technologies in automotive design, Mercedes Benz recently announced the launch of its new 563HP, 5.5 liters twin turbo V8 that has a burn rate of 22 miles to the gallon (touted to be 75% of normal consumption). Mercedes Benz has also incorporated a star-stop function for “controlled efficiency” driving as well as a sports transmission that could reach seven-speed levels. According to Mercedes’ chairman for the AMG line, Volker Mornhinweg, the new AMG design is a step in future-proofing their vehicles with regards to fuel efficiency and lower exhaust emissions. Indeed, the inclusion of such technologies as a twin… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Benz SLK in Stealth Mode Shows a Longer, Sleeker Hood

Since its debut in 2004, the SLK roadster design–according to its fans–has grown old and, some would say, in need of a revamp. There are some evidence though that the SLK roadster is indeed going through a sportier redesign and has been sighted on Germany’s roads during its stealth testing wearing a fresh, natty attitude. Those in the know say that the new SLK with its spanking new look will debut early next year, with a trimmer body (it has shed about 200 pounds of weight) and a more spacious trunk space (11.2 cu. ft.). Despite the redesign, the SLK roadster will continue to model Mercedes Benz’s standard LED daytime… Continue Reading »


Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg finishes ahead of McLaren’s Hamilton

In a shakedown exercise on the race track for the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg turned in the fastest lap, besting McLaren driver and past champion Lewis Hamilton who came in second, team member Michael Schumacher who’s fresh out of retirement, and Hamilton’s team member Jeson Button, the current Formula One champion, who came in fourth. Despite this strong showing, the Formula One drivers say that the time sheets for this practice run won’t be reflective of the upcoming race on Sunday. The laps were meant to familiarize them with track conditions, test different fuel loads, and fine-tune the cars for maximum performance for the qualifying race… Continue Reading »


VATH tunes the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Roadster

German modification specialist VATH has just introduced its V58 version of the Mercedes Benz’s SLK 55 AMG Roadster. VATH’s upgraded version increased the stock model’s 5.5-liter engine displacement to 5.8 liters, adding a compressor and a customized electronic control unit and exhaust system, among others. The regular 360 horsepower push output and 510Nm torque has been kicked up to 565HP and 770Nm, allowing the new V58 SLK a top speed of 193 mph (310 km/h). The engine package delivers a similar whack on the wallet, too, with VATH valuing the new Roadser at $42,045 (about 30,785 euros). The converted V58 SLK also comes with other performance-enhancing additions such as VATH’s… Continue Reading »


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