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Prior Design Gives Mercedes SL R230 New Look

Germany’s Prior Design has just announced the new tweaks they made on the Mercedes SL R230. Their modification focused mainly on the exterior body, with the redesigned SL sporting a more forceful front end echoing the aggressive lines of the Black Series SL65 AMG. Prior Design framed the new, broad air intakes with black mesh grilles that make the modified kit more aggressive and muscular. The fine tune also includes broad and wide wheel arches to accommodate Prior Design’s proprietary 20-inch three-piece rim design, with the front axle measuring 265/30 and at the back, coming in at size 305/25. The side skirts and air inlets have been redesigned to sport… Continue Reading »


The 2011 E-Class Wagon: Safe, Versatile, State-of-the-Art

Daimler has just announced the debut of its 2011 E350 4MATIC Wagon, the latest in the E-Class series. Foremost in the new design is an innovative accident-avoidance system which includes drowsiness detection and automatic emergency braking to allow for imminent danger recognition. Mercedes’ eye on safety included features that limit injury from collisions, among which are the standard nine-airbag systems (pelvis bags out front for the first time and side impact protection gear), and NECK-PRO crash-responsive head restraints. Designed for comfort on long road trips, Mercedes trumpets the easy load capacity and operation of the Wagon’s storage system as well as a newly developed Direct Control suspensions. The compartment is… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Benz in the Mille Miglia 2010

From 05 May to 09 May this year, Mercedes Benz participated in the Mille Miglia 2010, a yearly event where classic cars tried to outpace each other in a rally from Brescia to Rome and back again in a figure eight course. Mille Miglia, so-called because the course stretches across a thousand Roman miles, originally ran from 1927 to 1957 as an open-road endurance race but had to be ended because it had become dangerous. It was revived in 1982 as a road rally of vintage vehicles which dated back to the original Mille Miglia. This year, Mercedes-Benz took part in “the most beautiful road race in the world” with… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Benz Seeks US Market Feedback on New Design

Mercedes Benz USA is currently asking its US market to comment on the design of a new entry-level vehicle which is poised for debut in 2011. Mercedes is considering whether to launch a sedan, a sporty coupe or a crossover based on the platform for the B class. Focus groups working on clay models were one in saying they don’t want a hatchback similar to the European and Canadian 5-door B Class because it doesn’t reflect the company’s luxury positioning. The vehicle will sport a “cutting edge” appearance, according to a South Carolina dealer and chairman of the Mercedes dealers’ council who has seen the full-sized renderings of the new… Continue Reading »


Daimler Reports Better Than Expected Q1 Earnings

As much as five market analysts predicted that Daimler’s revenues for the first quarter will have a median figure of about $883 million. However, overall revenues for the first quarter breached the $1.5 billion barrier, mostly because of a good showing from its luxury S and E Class cars and a good expense position, according to a Daimler announcement. Consequently, Daimler AG posted a 7.9% surge in trading in the Frankfurt market on the first day of trading for this week. The stock closed at a value of $51.57 at day’s end, the highest it has ever been since 26 September 2008. Daimler also modified its conservative assessment of this… Continue Reading »


AMG Driving Academy Includes Two New Cars

Mercedes-Benz today debuted the availability of two new AMG cars in its Driving Academy exclusive to AMG cars. The E63 and the SLS Gullwing will be included in the Academy’s driving events, and particularly in the PRO, the PRO SLS AMG and the Masters Sports Trophy training , the SLS can also be used as a hire car. Ace drivers Bernd Schneider, who won in the ITC, the DTM and the FIA-GT, and Bernd Maylander of the Official F1 Safety Car, will serve as instructors in the Academy. Emotion, Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master skill level students will learn how to safely drive the AMG cars while pushing these to… Continue Reading »


Maybach Sale Not True, Says Daimler

Recent rumors that Maybach has been put on the auction block and Chinese car company BYD may be the lucky buyer are not true, says Daimler. In an interview with Reuters, a Daimler spokesperson belied the sale talks, asserting that Maybach, despite having sold only 200 cars last year, is still crucial to Daimler’s branding. The rumors may have been due to three reasons. One, Daimler and Chinese BYD has a joint venture in the electric cars market in China. Second, the Maybach brand of cars has grown stale. Spy photos leaked recently to avid car industry watchers however show minor upgrades scheduled for several Maybach lines. Lastly, and more… Continue Reading »


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