It is not very hard to get the point of this site, but for those that are not sure what Benz means and for other that don’t understand why all the posts are about Mercedes, we will try to explain.

This site’s main focus is bringing its visitors the latest and most interesting stories about the Mercedes-Benz Car Group (Mercedes, Smart and Maybach), which includes news, reviews, rumors and more.

The idea for ‘BenzInsider’ was very logical, well the insider part wasn’t, but Benz was. For those that don’t know what/who Benz is, then this should clear things up. Karl Friedrich Benz (November 25, 1844 – April 4, 1929) was a German engine designer and automobile engineer, generally regarded as the inventor of the petrol-powered automobile. Benz patented his work first and, after that, patented all of the processes that made the internal combustion engine feasible for use in automobiles (wiki). What it basically means is that he invented the car, so if you want to write about the best luxury car, then why not use the name of the guy who invented it. The insider part was used because it sounded good and also for marketing purposes.

I think this is all you need to know and probably all you want to know about this website, if you have any questions or comments, just email us.

Our Team

Owner / Founder: Bryan Fuller

Chief Editor: Giancarlo Perlas
Editor: Ryan Ramos
Editor: Peter Parcon

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