Tesla’s NACS Expands To Include Mercedes-Benz Soon

Giancarlo Perlas June 24, 2024
  • Tesla’s Supercharger network is set to undergo significant changes in the coming months.
  • Recently, it has added Mercedes-Benz in its “coming soon” section.

Transition to NACS Standard

Tesla’s Next-Generation Charging Standard (NACS) has been gaining a lot of traction lately due to its potential to simplify EV charging. This standard, certified by SAE as “J3400,” utilizes the same connector that Tesla vehicles have been using for years.

Most manufacturers are currently in the process of transitioning their vehicles to adopt the NACS standard, with plans to provide adapters for older charging standards.

Supercharger Network Expansion

Tesla’s Supercharger network, which has been hailed as the gold standard for EV charging in North America, is undergoing a significant expansion. Previously exclusive to Tesla vehicles, the Supercharger network is set to open its doors to vehicles from other manufacturers.

Tesla NACS Coming Soon Page

Ford and Rivian are already in the process of shipping adapters to their customers, allowing their vehicles to utilize Tesla’s Supercharger network. Other manufacturers like expected to follow soon.

Mercedes already made an announcement related to the matter last year. The luxury automaker’s roadmap also outlined the same goal.

Challenges and Delays

Despite the promising outlook, Tesla’s recent reorganization within its charging team has led to delays in other manufacturers’ adoption of the NACS standard. The abrupt firing of key team members and subsequent rehiring have disrupted ongoing discussions and plans for the integration of NACS across the industry.

While delays have impacted the anticipated timeline, the addition of Mercedes-Benz to Tesla’s NACS support webpage suggests that Supercharger access for Mercedes owners may be on the horizon.

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