3 Car Safety Features You Need To Know

Giancarlo Perlas November 4, 2023

Did you know that approximately 1.3 million individuals die all over the world every year in traffic collision incidents? Fatalities aside, road traffic injuries can be disabling and can lead to financial strain on families based on how severe they are. Road and car safety is becoming a top priority for passengers and drivers.

Modern vehicles, especially those made by Mercedes-Benz, now come with various advanced safety features to protect us from various traffic mishaps. In this blog article, we’ll delve into three essential car safety features that you need to make sure you’re safer when on the road.

Driver Assistance Technologies

Advanced car technologies can now assist drivers with lane monitoring, forward collision warning systems, evasive steering technologies, and blind spot monitoring.

1.    Lane Tracking Technologies

Lane tracking technologies implement algorithms and depend on cameras to monitor the car’s behavior on the road in real-time. This technology ensures the vehicle doesn’t significantly deviate from its path and get too close to another car in a different lane, especially in instances like the driver dozing off. A few different systems are now available in 2023; some alert the driver when the vehicle is going off trajectory, while others steer the car back in the right direction automatically.

2.    Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Evasive Steering and Emergency Braking

If a car is about to collide with another one, forward collision warning (FCW) systems send out a warning to alert the driver to an impending collision. However, if you cannot react to the alarm in time, evasive steering assistance and automatic emergency braking come to the rescue. This technology uses sensors to detect dangers or objects near the car. It uses advanced maneuvering methods to prevent the accident if possible. While it might not always be successful in avoiding a car accident, it will reduce the potential damage significantly.

3.    Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind spot monitoring is also a handy technology for reducing the chances of a collision, especially with objects or cars you can’t see. While the technology has been around for a while, these systems have now become more accurate and give out warnings if there is a pedestrian, object, or car in the way, especially when you’re backing up your car. Depending on your vehicle, some use a sound system as an alert, while others light a flash in the rearview mirror, indicating what the driver should do.

Advanced Traction Control Technologies

Advanced traction control technologies are meant to reduce the chances of rollover accidents. This technology is suited for larger vehicles like trucks but is also helpful in cars on slippery roads to prevent skidding and keep the car more stable on the road. These systems monitor for any external factors that might make the vehicle unstable, such as wind, ice, problems with car tires, etc. Their sensors can predict potential jerking and steering incidents and get the car back to stability efficiently.

Post Collision Telematics

As the name suggests, post-collision telematics and response systems activate after a collision. At times, a driver might be incapacitated after a crash and unable to call the emergency helpline. Most vehicles have a built-in system in 2023 that automatically connects you to some emergency service after a collision. This car safety feature saves time and might be life-saving in more severe accidents. Other safety features include, but are not limited to, tire-pressure monitoring system, driver drowsiness levels, side-impact and curtain airbags, anti-lock braking systems, etc.


Understanding and utilizing modern car safety features can play a crucial role in reducing the frequency of road accidents. Remember that these technologies are only meant to assist the driver and are no replacement for responsible driving practices. The next time you intend to buy a car, make sure you’re aware of all the new safety technologies that it incorporates.

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