Fully Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class Expected In 2024

Giancarlo Perlas September 7, 2023

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the imminent debut of a fully electric version of their iconic G-Class SUV, slated to make its grand entrance in the early part of 2024. This exciting development comes after a history of internal combustion engine iterations, marking a significant transition for the renowned off-road vehicle.

What We Know So Far About the Fully Electrified Version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The upcoming electric G-Class, showcased as a near-production prototype at the IAA Munich, has sparked anticipation among automotive enthusiasts worldwide. While specific technical details remain closely guarded by Mercedes, industry insiders expect this electric SUV to feature a quad-motor setup, delivering impressive power and performance.

Battery Pack

One of the standout innovations is an optional high-density battery pack utilizing silicon anode chemistry, a move anticipated to enhance energy density by 20 to 40 percent, ultimately translating into a notable boost in range. However, it’s important to note that the long-range variant is not expected until 2025, approximately a year following the standard electric model’s release.

Weight and Drag

Given its robust construction and boxy design, the electric G-Class is likely to weigh in at around 6,600 pounds (3,000 kilograms) or more. To compensate for its less-than-optimal drag coefficient, Mercedes is counting on advanced battery technology to ensure a respectable range.

The Electrified G-Class Platform

Underpinning this electric SUV is a modified version of the sturdy steel ladder-frame chassis found in its gasoline and diesel counterparts. To maintain off-road prowess and durability, the battery will be encased in a robust steel housing, further protected by a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer compound for off-road adventures and water fording.

Driving Modes and Tank-Turn Function

Beyond conventional driving modes like Eco, Comfort, and Sport, the electric G-Class will introduce Trail, Rock, and Sand settings, along with a unique creeper mode for precise off-road maneuvering. A notable highlight is the G-Turn, allowing the SUV to execute a 360-degree tank-like turn, enhancing its off-road agility.

Production and Nomenclature

This revolutionary electric G-Class is set to debut in 2024, and it will be manufactured by Magna Steyr alongside the traditional ICE model in Graz, Austria. While speculations circulate about the potential shedding of the “EQ” branding, no official confirmation has been made so an “EQG” name remains on the menu.

Final Thoughts

Mercedes-Benz’s electric G-Class signals a bold leap into the electric vehicle arena, blending off-road capability with cutting-edge electric technology. With a promising quad-motor setup and innovative battery solutions, it promises to uphold the G-Class legacy while embracing the future of automotive electrification.

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