Why The Mercedes EQG Ditched The G-Class’ Signature Spare Tire Cover

Giancarlo Perlas March 25, 2023

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up for the launch of its first all-electric SUV based on the G-Class later this year. The 2024 Mercedes EQG retains the classic boxy look of the G-Wagen while implementing modern features for aerodynamic and energy efficiency. However, the new EV appears to be missing the signature spare tire cover of its fuel-fed sibling. Here’s the reason why.

Spy shots of the Mercedes EQG show that it’s ditching the signature tire cover of the G-Class. (Photo Source: Carscoops)

What’s with the New Encasing on the Rear Door?

Based on the spy shots we have seen so far, the EQG will not stray much from the iconic styling of the G-Class. After all, it’s the fully electric alternative to one of Mercedes’ longest-running classes.

Instead of the usual circular housing mounted on its rear door, there’s now a slim square storage box installed in its place. According to Carscoops, which is the source of the spy shots here, the box doesn’t hold a spare tire like the internal combustion engine (ICE) model but is designed to store the SUV’s charging equipment. This change is in line with the brand’s move towards electric vehicles, as it shifts its sights to more efficient, sustainable, and convenient charging solutions.

So far, we don’t know whether or not the charging pack is standard or optional with the upcoming EQG as we have seen a version of it that retains the G-Class spare wheel case. For the ones who have been following our earlier posts, it’s the EQG that recently broke down in Nurburgring during testing.

Other Key Features of the Mercedes EQG

Frontal view of the new Mercedes EQG. (Photo Source: Carscoops)

The Mercedes EQG represents its brand’s new focus towards electric vehicles, highlighting the German automaker’s commitment to providing more efficient and sustainable solutions. The changes made to the signature spare tire cover reflect the brand’s shift towards electric charging solutions, ensuring that the EQG retains its easily recognizable boxy style while implementing modern features for improved performance and energy efficiency.

Aside from the overhauled design of the auto to highlight its electrified character, there are other features that buyers have to watch out for in the upcoming EQG, including but not limited to the following:

Quad-Motor Powertrains

The EQG will be powered by four electric motors. It will be positioned in each wheel, to enable better towing and handling. This quad-motor setup notably allows the EQG to perform tank-style “G-Turns.”

Basically, the tank turn function mimics how a tank makes a 360-degree turn without leaving its position in which the motors on the left and right wheels spin in opposite directions to make the vehicle spin in place.

Optional Extended Range Pack

Mercedes has not released any information on the EQG’s range. It mentioned though that the SUV will have an optional extended range pack using a special silicon anode chemistry.

The optional pack will lead to an increase in the energy density of the EV by 20% to 40% in comparison to conventional batteries. As a result, expect a major boost in the range of the EQG compared to the existing models of its maker.

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