How You Can Be A Safer Driver With Your Mercedes

Giancarlo Perlas February 15, 2022

We are all guilty of getting a little sloppy in our driving habits from time to time, but this can sometimes be dangerous for both you and other road users. No matter how safely you drive and with all the safety features present in your Mercedes, you should take some small steps in order to be a safer driver on the roads.

Consider your vision

The key factors for safe driving are reaction time and awareness – both of which are dependent on the quality of your vision. To be aware of your surroundings and identify any hazards that may need action, you need to be able to see clearly. Your driving test will include a rudimentary assessment of your eyesight to determine if you are safe to drive but beyond that, it is down to you as the driver to take care of your vision. Taking care of your eyesight means getting regular eye tests, wearing sunglasses, and wearing your prescription glasses when necessary.

You can get many different brands of eyeglasses and glasses that are used for various tasks e.g., reading glasses or driving glasses. If you notice that you are straining your eyes, squinting, or getting persistent headaches then you should definitely get your eyes tested as you may need a new prescription, and this will impact your ability to drive safely.

Get refitted

Are you sitting too far or too close to the steering wheel? Are your mirrors adjusted correctly? If you have been driving for a while, then you probably get used to the way things are and no longer notice the bad habits or bother to check your positioning every time you get in the car. Treat your car like a new car every time you get in, check your seat and your mirrors make any adjustments you think necessary to give you the optimum view of the road.

Keep fit

Your eyes are not the only part of your body working when you drive, and it can be a physically demanding task. Do you ever feel exhausted after a long commute through heavy traffic? It is not just the mental drain of moving through traffic, it takes its toll on your body. So, keeping up with your fitness and staying as healthy as possible can actually improve your driving safety!

It is not the time to multitask

Driving sometimes feels like second nature, especially if you have been doing it for a while – driving to and from work every day, driving the kids to school and clubs multiple times a day – it may feel like you spend more time in your car than anywhere else! However, you should not fall into the trap of becoming too complacent and assuming that you can do it without thinking. People often fuss around with their phones, drink coffee, have deep conversations with their passengers, or fiddle with the navigation system, and all of these things are putting up a greater risk of accidents. Your reaction time is going to be much slower if your attention is directed to a secondary task and you may miss something important.

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