Why a Mercedes-Benz is a Perfect and Affordable Graduation Gift

Giancarlo Perlas January 11, 2022

Children grow up so fast. A newborn baby goes from kindergarten to school, and then before you know it, he/she enters university. The closer graduation is, the more often we think about the holiday and gifts that we want to choose for them.

The first one is usually solved by choosing a suitable cafe, restaurant, or vacation spot while the second one is discussed for several months. Parents are often arguing about what to give for graduation – bright impressions, a pleasant trinket, and others. suggest something practical and useful. If we talk about the latter, then Mercedes-Benz, without a doubt, would be a great gift. This is a high-quality car that even a person with an average starting salary can afford if he/she knows how to shop around for the best deals.

Here are some of the key elements of Mercedes-Benz cars:

  • Safety

This is a result of the constant improvement of production technology, as well as the use of high-quality materials. Compared to middle-class cars, such cars will live much longer. The buyer can be sure that cars of this company will not stop halfway, and the journey will pass in a calm atmosphere.

  • Comfort

On any road, a person will feel comfortable, which is really important for long trips over long distances. High-quality heated seats will delight even in the most strong frosts, and a powerful engine will allow you to feel more confident on the road.

  • Status

A high-quality car will undoubtedly be an indicator of a person’s position in society. Such people are respected and considered successful, but looking ahead, this is not always true. Therefore, do not forget that you are greeted by clothes, and saw off by the mind. Many businessmen and famous personalities buy such cars because of this point because a person with a high-class car inspires more confidence when concluding a business transaction.

  • Contribution to the future

Some people may buy an expensive limited edition car for sale in the future. In fact, this is a good investment, since many collectors will want to purchase such an exclusive product.

  • Dream

 For many children, such a gift will be the fulfillment of a cherished dream, which is undoubtedly a plus. This can be an impetus for development and good motivation.

Here are several models in different price categories, that will be the perfect variant for the student.


The new Mercedes-Benz CLA is a direct relative of the A-Class family, the models have a total wheelbase. Compared to the previous generation of the “four-door”, the new CLA has become noticeably larger, stretching in length, in width. So, both sides are expanded. Free space has been added in the salon, and from now there are places only for two in the back row, the trunk volume was also reduced. The salon looks like a more expensive version of the standard design of A-class. Here is an updated media system: in CLA its functions can be controlled using gestures without touching the screen, the voice assistant has been trained in several new phrases and endowed with greater intelligence, so it can remember the timbre of the owner’s voice in order to eliminate confusion when pronouncing the starting phrase “Hey, Mercedes”.


The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is based on the MFA platform, which supports a front-wheel drive and a transverse engine arrangement. The standard hatchback is offered with a semi-dependent back suspension in several versions with a multi-link. The interior has been completely updated in comparison to the older models of the brand. There is a new steering wheel and two displays, one of which serves as the center of the multimedia system, and the second replaced the classic dashboard. On the A-class, a voice assistant will debut, which turns on with the command – “Hey Mercedes”.


The new Mercedes-Benz GLA is characterized by a sporty and dynamic design of forms, elegant navigation, and rich possibilities for individualization. For the new Mercedes-Benz GLA, the company’s engineers have prepared an expanded range of engines, as well as special visual accents in the interior and exterior design.


It is all about classic proportions for sports cars and in the case of the new Mercedes-AMG GT roadster they have a powerful force of attraction. This is thanks to a very long, elongated forward hood and a short sporty back part of the body. Moreover, the soft top elegantly fits into the silhouette of the car, in the raised state forming the contours of the coupe. The interior design resembles the cabin of an airplane – a fascinating effect even with the top down. Especially impressive is the deep arrangement of the seats in combination with the central console, made in the style of “V8”. The quality of the materials is felt both by eye and by touch as the result of skillful handwork. So, we decided to talk about graduation because everyone was in the same situation a few years ago and we all understand how exciting and responsible it is, so here were our ideas.

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