What You Need to Know Before Buying Private Number Plates for Your Mercedes in the UK

Giancarlo Perlas October 9, 2021

Private number plates are a great way of making your Mercedes-Benz further stand out from the pack. Not only can you choose what you like to go on the plate, but it is also a great way of making your car personalised.

There are lots of things that could affect your decision when you are planning to purchase a private number plate for your luxury car. This article includes things that people should know before buying one in the UK.

What are the Various Types of Number Plate Registrations

There are different types of number plate registrations you can choose from, and they vary in cost depending on their popularity and rarity. The most common types are suffix, prefix, cherished (dateless), and current.

Suffix Style

Format: Three characters are followed by a space, then one, two, or three numerals, and finally, a character that is the age identifier.

Prefix Style

Format: Starts with the age identifier character, followed by three numerals, a space, and three characters.

Cherished or Dateless Style

Format: These often start with one, two, or three characters that serve as regional identifiers, followed by one, two, three, or four numerals.

Current Style

Format: Starts with two letters that are regional identifiers, followed by two numerals representing the year the car was registered, a space, and then three random characters.

Where to Buy Private Number Plates for Your Mercedes

When it comes to purchasing number plates, you have various options. These are the DVLA, private dealers, and people selling their number plates.

DVLA (Directgov)

DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the government agency responsible for issuing number plates in the UK. They are responsible for selling them as well.

DVLA Auctions

DVLA auctions various number plates to interested parties. There are about five auctions that happen every year, so it may be worth checking the list of numbers coming up during the next schedule.

Private Dealers

There is a wide range of private dealers who sell private number plates. They will have available stock for you to select from. Most of these dealers also offer to do the transfer of the number to your vehicle. Number1plates shares an extensive guide on private number plates in the UK, including the different types and how they differ. 

People Selling Their Number Plates

Many people are looking to sell their private number plates, so this may be the best way to get what you want. You can either buy number plates directly from them or bid for them at DVLA auctions.

Why Purchase Private Number Plates for Your Mercedes

They Make Your Luxury Car Unique and Personalised

If you have a car, one of the biggest reasons to purchase private number plates is that it makes your vehicle more unique. It gives your vehicle that personal touch since you can choose private number plates with your initials or significant dates.

They are an Excellent Investment

Private number plates can be excellent investments as they are considered to be assets. It is also rare for them to reduce in value. Various buyers, including wholesalers, purchase these number plates for their collection or resale value.

Disguise Your Car’s Age

If you have a classic car, then purchasing private number plates can help you hide the actual age of your vehicle. Other people can’t even notice your car is second-hand.


Private number plates offer people the chance to make their car stand out from the crowd and create something special with it. Various types of registration numbers are available for purchase, ranging in prices depending on their rarity and reputation. We hope that you learned more about purchasing private number plates through this guide, which will help you make an informed choice when making your final decision.

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