Is It Cheaper to Insure a Mercedes-Benz or BMW?

Giancarlo Perlas August 9, 2021

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are neck and neck in the luxury car segment and their models are almost similar in features in an attempt to woo customers, but surprisingly, the appraisals of their insurance premiums differ.

Insuring a luxury vehicle is not the same as insuring common household cars. Although luxury vehicle owners can still opt for the normal policy, they won’t get the optimum coverage that specialized high-end vehicle insurance offers. Therefore, the latter should be chosen if the owners want to make the most out of them.

Some factors that drive up the price of luxury vehicle insurance are their expensive repairs and maintenance as well as their tendency to attract attention from the bad elements of our society like thieves or vandals. Add to those things the driving habits and history of their owners.

Mercedes-Benz Vs BMW Insurance Premiums

When it comes to Mercedes and BMW, both German automakers are known for their revolutionary approach in car technology, engine performance, fuel efficiency, entertainment system, safety, comfort, and aftermarket services. These things make it hard for consumers to choose between the two, but if shopping for more affordable insurance, BMW owners usually get better offers than Merc owners.

According to Consumer Reports, BMW vehicles normally have lesser average car insurance premiums compared to their counterparts from Mercedes. The organization pointed out that the assessment is based on the fact that the Munich-based company is among the more reliable European brands in the world.

That does not mean that our favorite brand is far behind its rival though. The organization stated that Merc models, especially the C-, E-, and S-Class sedans, all performed “very well” in their tests. The same can be said with their SUV counterparts such as the GLS and GLE. However, it ranked in the lower third bracket of all brands in terms of reliability. The organization specifically named the GLE SUV as one of the least reliable new models in the survey they conducted.

Nonetheless, whether you own a Mercedes or BMW, it is important to maximize the coverage of your car insurance to protect your investment from any unforeseen events.

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