5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mercedes in Harsh Winters

Giancarlo Perlas February 19, 2021

If you’re the proud owner of a Mercedes, well done on owning one. While it is by no means among some of the least expensive cars to maintain, you can still reduce maintenance costs by doing routine inspections and following some precautions. Even though your vehicle is a great specimen, the harsh winters of North America can beat even the best vehicle into submission as the temperature drops below freezing.

In sub-zero conditions, it can be difficult for any car to survive, whether it’s on or off the road. Freezing car parts and fluids can play a part in your car’s downfall, as well as poor visibility and driving conditions on the road. No one wants to damage their Mercedes-Benz due to something as trivial as the weather.

With that in mind, here we bring you 5 ways to take care of your Mercedes in harsh winters!

1. Get your Mercedes serviced before winter

Before winter truly strikes, take your car to a Mercedes specialist for a pre-winter service. There doesn’t need to be anything wrong with the car currently – it’s just a good way to check everything is well before hitting those icy roads.

For example, during a service, the mechanics will check the tire pressure, visibility, fluid levels, and more. They can also check things such as your serpentine belt, which can become brittle and prone to breaking in cold weather.

2. Switch to low-viscosity oil

If you’ve got it available, consider switching to low-viscosity engine oil before winter begins. This engine oil is resistant to thickening in freezing temperatures, helping it to stay nice and liquid when the temperature plummets.

If you stick with regular engine oil, you might have problems with oil going thick and stopping the engine from running properly, which could cause further issues.

3. Keep your antifreeze topped up

Recommendations differ, but most places recommend that you keep your Mercedes’s anti-freeze topped up at a 50-50 ratio with water.

Generally speaking, this is the best way to supply your car’s engine with coolant.

If you don’t check your antifreeze levels, you might find that your engine coolant freezes in colder temperatures, eventually leading to overheating in your engine.

4. Invest in Mercedes winter tires

mercedes tires

When your car tires are cold, they naturally decrease in pressure. When there’s snow and ice on the road, they naturally lose a ton of their grip too. Using regular tires in winter is a bad idea, but at least check that they’re inflated to the recommended level if you must.

Even better is to get some specialist Mercedes winter tires from a dealer near you. These tires have improved grip to help them handle the ice, and the mechanics will ensure that their pressure is high enough.

Some owners also buy snow chains for their vehicles, though it’s not ideal. Still, chains can help to reduce skidding, slipping, and getting stuck in snow… so they could be worth it if you’re in a very cold region that’s highly affected by snow.

5. Make sure that your battery is in good condition

As temperatures drop, your car battery can struggle to turn on. There’s nothing worse than turning your key in the ignition and realizing that your car isn’t going to start, so we recommend checking your car battery carefully.

Ensure that the connections are tight and consider checking the voltage if you have the tools to do so. Make sure that you’re using the car enough to keep the battery in good shape – leaving it for days at a time is a bad idea, especially in cold conditions.

At the very least, get some jumper cables.

We hope you enjoyed these 5 ways to take care of your Mercedes in harsh winters. Good luck out there!

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