5 New Safety Innovations in the Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Giancarlo Perlas July 30, 2020

As promised, Mercedes-Benz released more details about the next-generation S-Class on July 29, 2020. Being the flagship car of the three-pointed star marque, the luxury vehicle already possesses a lot of tech that aims to protect its occupants. To further make its driver and passengers safe, the company introduces new safety features in it that include the improved E-Active Body Control, rear passenger airbag, rear-axle steering, center airbag, and enhanced Pre-Safe Impulse Side.

Here is an overview of the new safety features of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class:

E-Active Body Control

Mercedes adds semi-supporting hydropneumatics to the air suspension to the S-Class. These provide a smoother ride in the car especially when it is traveling under harsh road conditions and during cornering.

Rear Airbag

The new rear airbags add more protection to the rear passengers in addition to the inflatable seat belts and belt bags of the auto. Quoting Daimler, the operation works as follows:  “Cylindrical, tubular structures are inflated with compressed gas and deploy a wing-shaped structure. A large, tentlike airbag deploys between the two wings, and this is inflated by the surrounding air via specially patented valves in the skin.”

The tubes expand to cushion the head of rear passengers if their heads have lurched toward the back of the front seats during a collision. These are designed to support adults, children, and child seats.

Rear-Axle Steering

Without getting too technical on the matter, the optional feature makes the car more agile, more stable, and more responsive when turning. Jurgen Weissinger, the chief engineer of the S-Class, claimed that it would make it feel like driving a compact car.

If the vehicle is slower than 37 mph, the rear wheels turn opposite to the direction of the front wheels to decrease its turning radius by seven feet to less than 36 feet. This is very useful during parking maneuvers. When running above 37 mph, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front for more stability.

Center Airbag

The feature, which is only available in Europe, involves an airbag positioned between the driver and the front passenger. It is activated during side collisions to prevent the driver and the front passenger’s head from butting with each other.

Pre-Safe Impulse Side

This works together with the E-Active Body Control suspension of the S-Class. It lifts the body of the car by three inches when the car senses an imminent collision coming from the side. Doing so reduces the brunt of the impact on the door panels and focuses the force on the door sills.

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