How Can Mercedes-Benz Drivers Be More Sustainable?

Giancarlo Perlas June 15, 2020
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As Mercedes-Benz follows other manufacturers into the electric vehicle trend, drivers from all walks of life are beginning to question their impact on the environment.

Is it too simple to wait around for affordable EV models? Read on to discover what’s in store for the future of Mercedes. And what we drivers can do to make a difference now.

Trade-in your GLE for an EQC

Mercedes drivers are loyal, rarely deviating from the manufacturer. Whether you’re a suave businessman or simple car enthusiast, Mercedes is a brand that evokes sophistication, elegance, and luxury. But as of 2020, Mercedes is developing a vehicle with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, while also producing zero carbon emissions on your drive. It’s known as the Mercedes EQC.

In previous generations—if you wanted a Mercedes with space—you’d be stuck with an ML or GLE. Two hulking beasts which weave together spaciousness and luxury, while omitting any sort of subtlety. They also guzzle through fuel due to the 4×4’s sheer size and drive train.

Fast forward to the present day and we have the EQC. The electric sports utility vehicle, as branding has it be known, is a 4×4 powered by an 80kWH lithium-ion battery. The power source, though not groundbreaking, can charge in just 40 minutes and goes a long way in making driving as energy-efficient as possible.

With the new vehicle, Mercedes haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel like Tesla. Instead, opting to electrify the patented luxury experience, thus maintaining what makes a Mercedes a Mercedes.

Better yet, the EQC model sports a sleek exterior, avoiding the design pitfalls of other manufacturers. The design is quintessentially Mercedes. It’s no Frankenstein’s monster, gorged of its parts and cybernetically enhanced with hollow flashing lights. 

Replacing your current Mercedes with an EQC is the equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. You can use battery power to be more sustainable, without impeding on the staple Mercedes SUV experience. If you’re looking to promote sustainability in style, look no further than the EQC. However, it doesn’t come cheap with a price tag in excess of £70,000. And American enthusiasts won’t see the cars launch until 2021.

Window Tinting

It may be a surprise, but Window Tinting can be beneficial to the environment for the same reason why homes and businesses do it. Basically, it’s to prevent heat and harmful UV rays from coming inside.

If your windows are tinted, then you can count on using less energy to have the air conditioning running in your car. In fact, your car’s interior may be so comfortable you may not even have to have the AC on during those hot days. Plus, another added bonus to car-tinted windows would be the fact that it gives you some extra privacy.

Go Easy on the Gas

If the Mercedes EQC is out of your price range—or you’re waiting for its release—there’s a lot you can be doing with current models to make them more sustainable.

Here is a tip or two for business owners and Mercedes enthusiasts to follow:

Fleet Management Can Make Mercedes Cars More Sustainable

Mercedes Benz vehicles make great business cars; whether it’s a stylish S-Class for company car purposes or a functional Sprinter for deliveries. Either way, the Merc is a staple of unambiguous professionalism.

Even with dozens of models that are perfect for business though, it’s crucial industry leaders know how to manage employee fuel consumption and promote sustainable driving in the Mercs they own. 

First, consider performing a free fleet health check on your Mercedes cars. By providing information about the number of vehicles you own and average mileage, it will calculate your business’ environmental footprint, thereby giving a good indication of where you need to improve.

If you’re after something more comprehensive and long-lasting, consider investing in fuel cards to accompany your Mercedes drivers. It’s a simple yet effective measure to monitor fleet efficiency. With options like an Esso Fuel Card, you can benefit from online tracking tools; meaning you directly monitor fuel usage and general driving efficiency. But there are loads of alternatives around, read a guide on Esso fuel cards to see if they are right for your Benz.

Whatever the choice, business owners need to ensure they instill the best driving practice into their drivers. Otherwise, there won’t be any business trips to enjoy for much longer.

Enthusiasts Can Drive Their Mercedes More Sustainably

Whether it be a wild ride in a Black Series or the light cruise of an SL R107. The throaty growl of an AMG spec V8 and inch-perfect German engineering makes a Mercedes Benz fun to drive, with a capital ‘F’. It’s no surprise there are so many devout enthusiasts dedicated to different models of Merc.

On the other hand, the fun doesn’t stay fun for long if our hobbies are unsustainable. And it’s a question of looking after our Mercedes, as much as it is doing our bit for the environment.

Driving in the wrong gear not only damages your car but is a sure way to waste fuel too. Looking after your Mercedes transmission is a great first step to becoming an expert in sustainable driving. For many, it could mean switching to an automatic, where driver fault is removed. Modern Mercedes models contain reliable systems technology, so your car will know the optimum time to change gear.

Moreover, Mercedes technology also includes dynamic driving functions. Turning on ‘Eco Mode’ for day to day driving will make very little noticeable difference to the drive, but make a world of difference to the cars fuel consumption and overall impact on the climate. So try to hold back on ‘Sport Mode’ until you get a once in a lifetime chance to race around the Nürburgring.

If you’re a classic Benz collector, you can forget about all the fancy tech and simply practice safe driving techniques. Take a moment and rethink about accelerating too quickly, or keep the car rolling when it’s safe to. These are just two simple changes you can make that will have an impact, even if you’re driving something from the 60s.

Mercedes Benz is a beloved manufacturer across the world. And as the brand looks to lessen its impact on the environment so should its drivers. From business to pleasure, Mercedes drivers can do their bit to promote sustainable travel.

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