Military-Spec Mercedes-Benz G-Class Customized and Given Accessories for Air-Lift

Giancarlo Perlas November 29, 2019

Mercedes-Benz certainly got many things right with the G-Class that’s why even a very old model of the series has a timeless appeal that goes with it. Recently, a classic military-spec Mercedes-Benz G-Class was unveiled by Expedition Motor Company with a custom look and reworked engine bay.

The subject here is an ex-military 1991 Mercedes-Benz 250GD also known as “Wolf”. It was completely disassembled and built again from the ground up. This enabled the specialists to inspect the major components of the vehicle thoroughly and repair or replace any defective parts if needed.

The armor of the G-Class was blasted down to remove any traces of corrosion and a rust-inhibiting compound was applied to it for a good measure. It was followed by a durable powder coating and the auto was finished with a premium-grade paint.

All the rubber elements of the G-Class, including the bushings, body mounts and hoses were changed. Then the suspension was enhanced with Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers for better handling and driving comfort.

Beneath the hood, the tuner retained the original OM602 2.5-liter diesel engine of the G-Class. However, it received major touches so it now features new gaskets, seals and pumps. The other key components that have worn out were replaced too. Even the five-speed manual transmission, transfer case, and differentials of the vehicle underwent the same treatment.

Lastly, the G-Class was topped off with a new set of LED lights both in front and at the rear. Metal guards for the fender lights, jerry-can holder, snorkel kit and black soft top were fitted as well. The mind-blowing upgrade of the vehicle comes in the form of air-lift hooks on the sides reinforced with steel fixtures to allow it to be transported with a chopper similar to the other army-spec Gelandewagens.

The restored ex-military 1991 Mercedes-Benz G-Class from EMC costs $92,150.

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