Mercedes-AMG C63 Attempts a Drift and Smacks Into a Tree

Giancarlo Perlas October 14, 2019

Money can buy you a nice, high-performance car like a Mercedes-AMG C63, but it definitely cannot buy class or skills. Fast cars, showing off and lack of driving skills certainly make up a recipe for disaster. We have seen plenty of things that prove this fact on the Internet. The video here is another reason why you should be a more responsible driver and why you should leave your mad driving skills on the race track and not on public roads.

Upon takeoff, viewers can almost already predict what will happen to the car. Straight from the curb, the driver was already putting the pedal to the metal. He appeared to slow down on a bend but he floored the gas again, and that’s where the mishap happened.

The attempted drift using the rear-wheel-drive car resulted in the vehicle careering out of control. It eventually slammed into a tree.

Upon closer inspection of the frontal damage, we can see that the bumper was misaligned. That may not sound so bad, but going around the rear is where the real bad news comes.

The right rear passenger door as well as the body of the car got dented, which also scraped the paint. The gasoline tank lid was gone too and there appears to be some piece of plastic from the car lying on the ground that probably came from underneath the auto. Meanwhile, a big chunk of the tree was chipped off and some of the bits even got stuck on the gap of the door.

The police on an Audi A6 Avant later came, and the AMG C63 was carried by a tow truck to clear the area. Surely, the damage underneath the armor of the car could be worse and the repairs are guaranteed to be expensive, especially that it might have suffered structural damage and the gas tank might be compromised.

It’s a good thing that no bystanders and no other cars were hit by the out of control AMG C63.

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