Best Tips for ITIL v3 Foundation Exam Preparation and How Score Maximum Points with Exam Dumps

Giancarlo Perlas October 16, 2019

Are you looking to get a good career in the IT department of Mercedes-Benz, or even fall into a lucrative career that will let you earn plenty enough to buy your own top of the line Mercedes car? One of the steps to do that is to pass certification exams like ITIL.

Importance of Services

Services encompass a huge fraction of a company, in fact, services are what bridge the gap between a consumer and the products offered by a business. With the overwhelming association of people and technology, these services live within an IT infrastructure. Providing a convenient, problem less, fast, and user-friendly service is what employers and executives strive for, but this isn’t an easy task to build from scratch. ITIL is one of the world’s most popular frameworks designed to provide proven service implementations that can be tweaked here and there by talented and certified individuals to extract the best implementation possible.

About AXELOS is a foundation that started in 2014 to collect, curate, and develop best practices into impactful ways of providing services. Today Axelos has become world-renowned for some of its best practice products including ITIL, Prince2, Resilia. Furthermore, it also shows pride in its membership service and more important certifications. These credentials allow professionals of various ranks and status to achieve greatness within their projects and/or services and bring immense value to their project teams. Axelos’ technologies have encompassed over 150 countries worldwide and have been translated to over 22 languages thereby building the ever so important trust within the industry.


The ITILFNDv3 created by Axelos is a great place to start for someone who has the interest to set up a good knowledge-based foundation on ITIL. Although it isn’t a certification that validates an individual for their proficiency in handling ITIL and applying these techniques at the service level, it shows the employer that you have the awareness and comprehension of how ITIL works.

Why Get Certified in ITILFNDv3?

  • ITIL is applied in a broad range of fields. The simple fact that every business provides a service, means that ITIL can make an impact on fields that aren’t tech-related. Thus your certification will receive recognition no matter what profession you choose to pursue.
  • Multiple pathways to choose to advance in career. The availability of a series of certifications allows you to select the ideal options to bank on a dream career. As you move higher up the certification hierarchy higher salaries, better job satisfaction and other benefits will come your way.
  • Exposure to experts in the field. Once you’ve accomplished the ITIL Foundation certification you will qualify as a member of My ITIL. This subscription comes with several benefits including exclusive publications and reports to keep you valid and updated with the trends in the industry, facilities and techniques to endorse your profile among prospective employers through digital badges and the CPD toolset, and access to a private community of professionals will similar interests and goals.
  • Job opportunities. Straight out of the gate with the ITILFNDv3 entry-level certification multiple roles use those skills. Some of them include:
  • IT Project Support
  • Service Desk Technician
  • IT Support Technician
  • Application Support Specialist
  • Security Analyst
  • Network Support Specialist
  • Hardware Support Specialist

Top Tips for ITILFNDv3 Exam Preparation

  • Takedown notes. ITIL is a technical subject with a lot of concepts and technical aspects, therefore, it is beneficial to commit certain things to memory. For most people writing can be an effective way to grasp important points.
  • Get answers to all questions that pop up during your study sessions. Join the Axelos community or any other forum to ask questions and get doubtful areas cleared. Examiners always pay close attention to how much comprehension the candidate has on the content that is being questioned.
  • Try as many sample exam papers as possible. The official website offers a couple of sample papers for you to try out, but I strongly recommend Exam labs to get hold of a good sum of real and verified exam questions. Exam labs’ exam dumps come as ete files that can be run on the Vumingo software (ETE Exam Simulator) to recreate the actual exam scenario. This will do wonders for your exam pressure and help identify your weak areas.
  • Expose yourself to real-life examples. Test the concepts you’ve learned in your workplace, this experience can aid you at the exams as the questions are most likely to be based on practical scenarios.

Best Books for ITILFNDv3 Preparation

  • ITIL official handbook – It’s a must-have for any beginner taking on the foundation exam in ITIL. This book contains everything you need to know to face the ITILFNDv3 with confidence.
  • ITIL Foundation exam study guide – A top seller. It consists of the entire package you would want for your preparation stage. Examples, exercises, practice papers, flashcards and more.
  • ITIL Foundation Essentials: The Exam Facts You Need – A 100-page book that costs under $14 (paperback format). Although this book may not seem much, it has proven to be of great impact especially for test-takers that are cramming.
  • ITIL for Beginners: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to ITIL 2nd Edition – While it may not be your go-to book for extensive content of ITIL it is more suited for individuals taking on ITIL without any prior knowledge whatsoever. This book is known to break down the 5 life cycle stages and get you engaged for learning in-depth.


ITIL is a framework that allows a business to express themselves and have a bigger impact on their audience. ITIL is just the tool and the magic happens only when skilled professionals put it to great use. So, ITILFNDv3 is a great certification to start your service management career. With Exam labs’ exam dumps and a couple of other resources by your side, the ITILFNDv3 exam can be surpassed with ease.

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