A Look At The UK’s Most Expensive Personalized Number Plates

Giancarlo Perlas July 28, 2019

It is no secret that personalized number plates for Mercedes-Benz cars are a little more on the expensive side than a regular number plate, although there are bargains to be had. In fact, since the idea of a personalized number plates was created 30 years ago, it is thought that the people in the UK have spent somewhere in the region of £2 billion on them and this doesn’t look set to change.

Of course, the price of your personalized number plate will really depend on what you want it to say. So, with this in mind, we have decided to take a look at the most expensive number plates that were sold in the UK.


The most expensive number plate ever bought is also one of the simplest. The reason that this particular number plate is so simple is that it dates before 1963 which is when the idea of dating number plates came into play. The 1 number plate was sold to an Abu Dhabi businessman in 2008, and the price that he paid for this is a frankly rather staggering £7.25 million.

25 O

The second most expensive number plate ever sold, this particular option was sold on November 2014 at an auction. The number plate was bought by a Ferrari dealer for £518,000. It was thought that this number plate made its way onto a Ferrari 250 GT SWB which was previously owned by none other than Eric Clapton.


Another simple yet expensive number plate is the simple F1 that was bought by a Bradford based businessman for his Mercedes SLR McLaren back in 2008. At the time, he bought the plate for an amazing £440,625. However, he has stated that 3 years ago he was offered £6 million to sell the number plate. Although he did decline this amazing offer!


This particular number plate is thought to be the first-ever number plate in Scotland and was originally on the car owned by one of the first car owners in Scotland, Lord Kingsburgh, back in 1903. Fast forward to 2008 and the highest bidder won the number plate for £404,000 and it is thought that they had said that once they had it, they would be placing it on an old red Skoda!


Who doesn’t like the idea of being a VIP? For Russian Roman Abramovich, it seems that he really wanted to make sure that people knew he was a very important person by buying this number plate back in 2006. He paid £285,000 for the number plate (not much compared to some of the others on the list) but what is interesting to know is that the number plate was actually sold two years earlier for a much lower price of £62,000.

The thing to remember about expensive number plates is that it really only does take one or two people to be interested in it for the auction to go crazy and for the price to go up and up and up.

The majority of the number plates on this list were sold some time ago, but we are sure that it won’t be long before new number plates are making their way into the auctions for big bucks.

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