Mercedes Retrofits Rescue Assist QR Codes on Vans

Giancarlo Perlas May 28, 2019

The revolutionary Rescue Assist QR Codes can now be supplied for all Mercedes vans built since 1996, and they will be given free of charge thanks to their retrofit service.

The simple yet hugely effective system was designed to help emergency services gain access to crucial information about vehicles that have been involved in road accidents and other emergencies. They simply scan a QR code located in the fuel cap with a mobile device, and essential information on the structure of the vehicle is supplied instantly.

This provides them with information on the location of potentially dangerous sections of the van, in particular, the things that link the fuel tank and the battery, which could prove hazardous in the event of a rescue operation.  Mercedes-Benz also supplies information on the most effective places to cut the body of the vehicle should someone need to be cut free after a serious collision.

The real value of the system is the speed at which the information is provided. While there is currently a system in place on-board emergency vehicles which can look up similar information, it’s often outdated and can cost vital minutes to find the information required. The Rescue Assist system provides the right information straight away and should help save lives on the roads.

With the number of vans on the road increasing it’s important that manufacturers are providing similar safety measures to those offered in cars. Despite the common perception of van drivers being a little reckless on the road, recent stats have found that they have a much lower chance of being involved in an accident on the road than car drivers.

In the UK it was found that car drivers had a 0.69% chance of being involved in an accident on the road, which was reduced to just a 0.38% chance for van drivers. This suggests that the reputation van drivers have for poor driving is largely unjust, and they are in fact some of the safest drivers on the road.

We’re interested in hearing what kind of Mercedes van drivers we have on the site, and if they’re as safe as the stats suggest. Find out what kind of driver you are with this short quiz and let us know in the comments!

If your Mercedes-Benz van is registered after 1996 and you’ve not had the Rescue Assist QR Code added yet then you should get booked in at your local dealership as soon as possible. You can find your nearest dealership on the official site—it could make a huge difference if you’re ever involved in an accident.

While you’re at it, you should avail of van insurance too. This is to ensure that you are covered in times of accidents.

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